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Reviewer: BloodyValentine2 (Signed)
06/18/2007 10:34 pm
that is awesome!!! thanx!!!

Sirius' Seduction
Reviewer: Cori_Black (Signed)
05/17/2007 02:16 pm

Best fic ever written...well about R/S anyways!!!


Remus' Recollection
Reviewer: Luna Lovegood (Signed)
12/27/2006 11:12 pm

Oh, Merlin! I nearly died I was laughing so hard when Peter and Sirius recited their poetry! haha. But this was a great story. It was real. They didn't just randomly hook up then fall in love or anything super cliched like that; it was kinda awkward at first. Definitely a 10*10!


Author's Response: Thank you SO MUCH! It irritates me when they randomly get together as well, so I'm pleased that you appreciated that!

Remus' Recollection
Reviewer: savvyravenclaw20 (Signed)
09/19/2006 05:40 pm

That was an awesome read. I loved how you eased into the fact that Sirius may "fancy Remus." That part was amazing. Can't wait to read more!!


Author's Response: Thank ya; I love how I wrote James in this fic!

James' Judgment
Reviewer: Lily Windsor (Anonymous)
09/15/2006 07:47 am
Hey! I stumbled across this story in a different archive but forgot where it was which is why I never reviewed! Anyway, point. This was the first slash fic i ever read and ever since then I fell in love with Remus/Sirius. This was the fic that opened my eyes. I'd been too scared to try slash before, but I loved this fic so, so much! So just had to say, this fic rocks!

Author's Response: Really? This is the story that got you interested in Remus/Sirius? Oh Merlin, you have no idea how touched I am! I actuall;y want to cry I'm so happy!

Remus' Recollection
Reviewer: gemz13137 (Signed)
03/31/2006 03:06 am

Author's Response: Many thanks!

Sirius' Seduction
Reviewer: gemz13137 (Signed)
03/29/2006 05:05 am

ok i'll admit when i saw the summary for this i thought 'no way' coz i don't like the S/R idea, but i've read this and thought it was really good. well written, it could be the fic to change my mind as to the R/S? S/R?(which one is it?Hehe) ship.

good story, update soon. 

Author's Response: I've had at least three reviewers on other websites say that this fic changed their minds regarding the R/S (usually written that way! teehee) ship because they claim the way that this fic is written makes it more "believable" than others, and they find it very amusing. So, if I can get another person interested in one of my favourite ships I shall be very, very, VERY happy! Thanks for reviewing!

Counseling Comrade
Reviewer: YelloWitchGrl (Signed)
03/26/2006 09:14 pm
*dies laughing*  I loved their poetry!!!!  That was hysterical!!!

Author's Response: Thanks again!

Remus' Recollection
Reviewer: YelloWitchGrl (Signed)
03/26/2006 09:13 pm
*dies laughing*  I loved their poetry!!!!  That was hysterical!!!

Author's Response: Peter and Sirius are the next Quakeswords, aren't they? lol Thank you very much!

Remus' Recollection
Reviewer: Laura Bo Bora (Signed)
03/26/2006 03:49 pm
Very nice!  I have to say, I love S/R sooo much better than R/T.  This fic is really quite good.  Light, sweet, and---wonder of wonders---your Marauders are actually FUNNY.  You'd be amazed how often that really doesn't happen.  Update soon, I'll be waiting!

Author's Response: *kills Tonks* Writing humour isn't always easy, which is why some people are not very good at it, but I'm glad you think that I am!

Remus' Recollection
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