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Reviewer: capella_black (Signed)
05/04/2007 09:20 am
Aw, I really feel bad for Petunia in this one. Well done.

Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
09/06/2006 11:52 am
I think I have told you that you are probably the most underrated authors out there. But then these letters weren;t rambles ;-).
On a serious note, this is probably one drabble where the emotion is put out the best! All I can say is Wow

Reviewer: Lionz_4_the_Cup (Signed)
05/12/2006 05:05 pm
The last line really topped the whole story off. great job. 10/10

Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
04/14/2006 07:37 pm

Hmm... very well done.. tell a story in a hundred words is always a challenge.. and you did well.

I assume this is from Petunia's POV?


Reviewer: SavagedBeyondSpeech (Signed)
04/14/2006 01:03 pm
Excellent, and a lovely hit with the final line.

Reviewer: Cody DeDannan (Signed)
04/12/2006 01:38 am
LOL  Cute!

Reviewer: Simple_Plan (Signed)
03/30/2006 02:14 pm

Larnster! *laughs* I loved this! I really liked how that all fit together. That was just great! *is reading every story posted on here by you now* :D Awesome details too. Great job!! WOO! p.s. LOLOL <--- Dobbeh!

Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
03/25/2006 06:53 pm
Wow, Larna. Really. All of your stories have me saying "Wow" at the end of them, I think. There was a lot of emotion into this. You had her feelings displayed well. I loved it!

Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/24/2006 07:56 am

I so envy those who can capture such strong emotion in only a few words. You've just painted a believable picture of Petunia on 100 words. Wow.

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