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Reviewer: Flor (Anonymous)
10/17/2006 10:44 am

Just one thing, the way you write is amazing!!! You rock! I love the story, so, could you please post the next chapter?

The Lists
Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
04/19/2006 05:58 pm
wow! that was amazing! you must update or we'll find you! just kidding, great story!

Goodnight, My Baby, Goodnight
Reviewer: Golden_Snitch (Signed)
04/13/2006 01:21 pm
Good, very good. I want an update please. Don't bail on this one!

Goodnight, My Baby, Goodnight
Reviewer: WiCkEd (Signed)
04/11/2006 04:04 pm
Harry really needs to stop being a you-know-what. Hopefully he does soon *hint hint* I liked this chapter! The wedding was nice and I like how you threw Percy in there. Okay, the blanket thing... made me want one very badly and made me want to cry. It was so sweet!!! Ahh... I'm going to cry. Anyway, great job with this chapter. I hope to see a new one up soon!

Goodnight, My Baby, Goodnight
Reviewer: WiCkEd (Signed)
03/23/2006 05:45 pm
Today has been a very good day -- first Melinda updates her story then you! I liked this chapter, it was good. I hope to see some more H/G moments as well. Thanks for updating and update soon!!

The Burrow, The Password, and Ginny
Reviewer: WiCkEd (Signed)
03/21/2006 06:03 pm
Very good start to what seems like an awesome story. I'm excited to read more of HPPA -- if its anywhere near as good as your other stories, it'll be sure to be a favorite. I liked the way you started it with Ron and Hermione bickering as usual and it was really sweet how they wanted to wait until midnight on Harry's birthday to apparate and stuff... aww. Anyway, update soon -- I'd like to see what happens when they reach Ron's house!

Comings and Goings
Reviewer: mary-v (Anonymous)
03/18/2006 03:54 pm
Well it would be completely brilliant of you do see this through to the end.... I really like what you've started with!:D
Great first chapter!

Comings and Goings
Reviewer: YelloWitchGrl (Signed)
03/17/2006 09:34 pm
you're not going to finish it?!  oh you're evol ;-)

Author's Response: I might. I have what you might call 'writing ADD'. :P

Comings and Goings
Reviewer: lily 101 (Anonymous)
03/16/2006 03:48 pm
  • ok I really loved this fic and find it as one of my fave's already and if you need help to keep it going just say someting and I 'll givbe you some of my ideas.                                                                                                   

Author's Response: I'll keep that in mind. :)

Comings and Goings
Reviewer: mouchardchercheur (Signed)
03/16/2006 02:36 pm
I like it so far!  It's well written and I hope you carry it on!  Good work!

Author's Response: Why thank you. :D I'm glad you like it. :)

Comings and Goings
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