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Reviewer: AlexisDennison (Signed)
10/05/2006 12:33 am
That was AWESOME!!!  I've never read the killing of Voldemort that way!  I'm literally lost for words, here.  Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Voices Beyond the Veil
Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
10/05/2006 12:31 am
voldie's gone! i must admit, that's what i thought u were gonna do anyway, get harry to create a horcrux, using avada kedavra....hope harry lives! that draco scene was a little gross..hope he lives too, i guess...

Author's Response: It was gross, wasn't it - and that's a CANON curse! I got it from the Lexicon. Ewww.

Voices Beyond the Veil
Reviewer: Holy... (Anonymous)
10/04/2006 05:26 pm

I was so happy to see Snape get his comeuppance.  So happy!  Hehe... evil little snot face.  And, you know, there was the whole Voldemort getting him comeuppance as well.  That was... amazing.  Frankly, I'm surprised I didn't see that coming.  Making a horcrux to separate the souls... Voldemort's goes out... huh.  I feel like the idea was in the back of my mind and you were just reminding me, but I was honestly surprised in a banging your head into the desk sort of way.  I got that "I should have known" voice as often happens while reading canon and was pleasantly surprised.  Once again, a fantastic take on Voldemort.  You make him like a real character rather than the cardboard cut out villian.  This line sent chills down my spine:

  I am Lord Voldemort, and I will find another way to survive.

So creepy. And it's eerily (sp?) easy to believe him.

As Harry slumped to the ground like a puppet whose strings had been cut, his hand uncurled around the object Ginny had tossed to him. The golden Snitch that had rested in McGonagall’s office — the one Ginny had caught to win the Quidditch cup in the last match before Hogwarts had closed — flew from Harry’s hand. It rose in the air gracefully, fluttering momentarily, before turning and hurling itself through the Veil, as if it had been Charmed to do so. The Veil fluttered briefly and the voices rose in crescendo before finally falling silent. The light around the Veil slowly began to dim.

This part gave me the most beautiful vision in my head.  It was a sort of birds-eye view in slow motion of Harry falling and the snitch rising up, fluttering and gold.  The puppet cut from his strings part... *sigh* It was beautiful and I have a strong urge to go recreate it in my sketchbook.  I just fear I wouldn't do it justice...  It wouldn't be the first time you inspired me.

All in all, this chapter was spectacular.  Draco has grown on me in a way I hope you intended.  I feel somewhat as Hermione and Ginny seem to.  I've always disliked him (as a character, but as in adding to the books he's delightful... i.e. it wouldn't be the same without him) but now, while I still think he's a bit of a git, I can feel for him.  He obviously cared for Pansy, and whatever his motivation, he did try to help.  And he did help.  So, yeah, he's sort of grown on me.  The whole it all came down to trust thing hit me pretty deep just because Harry's a person that has such trouble trusting.  But it didn't seem out of place because you've brought him so far and done such a good job of it.  Oh, and I liked the way that once (or twice...?) Draco called Harry... Harry.  It wasn't cheesy like I've seen so many times before. You didn't make a big deal out of it, but slipped it in.  Nicely done.

I have to say, I was more expecting Ginny to come to Harry rather than the other way around, but this makes more sense for a number of reasons.  First, she was the one trying to make a connection in the end, and also, it enabled Ron, Hermione, and Draco to be present as well.

I have this sort of standard image of Harry returning to either Hogwarts or the Hospital and waking up and it's all over, but with the Death Eaters attacking Hogwarts, I can see that it won't be the standard ending (especially since there are still a few more chapters to go).  The Death Eaters must realize that Voldemort's dead (when he disappeared the first time, the dark mark disappeared from their arms...)  I'm curious.

I'm sad to see the story coming to a close (there are 34 chapters in all?) but like a favorite book, I'm sure to go back and read it again and I'm actually looking forward to picking up on clues I missed the first (or second) time through.  But enough of that!  It's not over yet!

Oh!  I can't believe I almost forgot!  The voices and light from the veil was strange and haunting.  It was very powerful to read.  And the more bright and loud it got and the more intense Harry and Voldemort's fight got, and the more "punches" Harry got in all tied together. I hope there's more explanation of that later.

So, this was fantastic.  Beyond fantastic.  I think this review is even longer than the last one!  And probably has more spelling and grammar errors as well...  But this chapter was stupendous.

Thanks for updating so quickly.  Could this be a trend?  You always update with superb punctuallity (sp?) but this time even sooner than before.  I cannot wait for the next installment.  I'd hope for it to come before I leave town so I could get in a quicker review, but as I leave Friday, I suppose I'll just have to look forward to it upon my return.  *crosses fingers*

Hope everyone at Hogwarts is doing all right.  Hagrid... *sniffle*  He has to be okay!  I feel like it's too early for the happy ending though.  There are still a few hurdles to cross.

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks so much for the wonderfully long and detailed review! And you do fanart? Really?  Oooh, please let me know if you do any for this story! I've never seen any, and I'd LOVE to. I promise there is more explanation coming in the next chapter.

Voices Beyond the Veil
Reviewer: A Random Ravenclaw (Anonymous)
10/03/2006 08:23 pm
Update!  Please.  Cliffhangers are evil!

Mortal Peril
Reviewer: melie (Anonymous)
09/30/2006 07:21 pm
Next.   NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!.  NOW!!!!!!!!

Mortal Peril
Reviewer: elenor (Anonymous)
09/29/2006 10:15 pm

Hah, my first thoughts after reading this, was damn you write a wonderful Voldemort.   The salt in the wound part was my absolute favorite in the whole chapter.

This is, of course, fantastic.  I had this image after reading of Harry not swallowing the potion and later spitting it all up... maybe I'm just desperate for him to get out of there.  Probably. Sigh.

The whole "buried alive" thing was literally terrifying.  It's one of those pretty irrational fears people have, but it really scares me.  Harry would have to be terrified.  I would be.

Anyway, hope the move goes well.  I can't wait for the next chapter. (I know you never take too long, but it's hard to wait!!  Ever so hard...)

Author's Response: Thanks! I think the buried alive thing gets a lot of us. I will tell you that you're on the right train of thought - so keep following that gut instinct ;)

Mortal Peril
Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
09/29/2006 07:17 pm
wow, it's getting really interesting. too bad hermione and them are too stupid to realize that pansy wouldn't just lock dudley and draco in a room for nothing.....

Author's Response: Well, I'd never call Hermione stupid, lol. It's easier to see the whole picture while watching the whole thing play out rather than just living one little part of it. I think it's natural for them to first assume that Harry ran off on his own. It is what he was planning on doing.

Mortal Peril
Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
09/29/2006 07:05 pm
wow. there go harry's plans huh? nice ending!

Author's Response: Thanks! Yep, everyone's plans just got turned upside down.

Matters of the Heart
Reviewer: Holy... (Anonymous)
09/29/2006 06:45 pm

I just wrote a really long review, and my computer sneezed and I lost it.  Grrr.  To show my appreciation of the story however, I will endeavor to recreate it.  Forgive my bad spelling in my haste (supper awaits).

Big conundrum in the chapter: Snape.  I've said since Philosopher's Stone that Snape is evil even if canon suggests otherwise.  And though I've never wavered in the thought that the Snape you write is an evil little twitch, you now have me second-guessing myself and it makes me wary as I'm really hoping for evil Snape.

I think the key to Harry's escape (you'd hardly end it with Harry succumbing to the potion and Voldemort ruling the world, would you?) is going to have to do with Ginny.   That silent plea at the end seemed important, and I did notice you mentioning their stones a lot in the chapter.

This was brilliant.  Absolutely beyond brilliant.  I loved every moment of the chapter.  I suppose waiting for Harry to finally meet up with Voldemort again really made it better.  You so far passed my expectations (which were quite high as I don't think you know how much I LOVE THIS STORY).

The way you wrote Voldemort was better than any fan interpretation of him I've ever read.  I think you have [i]such[/i] talent for getting inside a character's head.  It's [i]amazing[/i]

The switches between the plot threads greatly enhanced the suspense.  I would slide further on my seat with every switch to the point where I almost fell on the floor.  Not that I think I would have noticed as I was so intent on the story.  When it would switch off Harry I was so afraid I'd have to wait till the next chapter to find out more, and eventually that was true.  Next chapter! Next chapter!  Next chapter!

Sorry to be so needy.  This is just that addictive.  Really.

Author's Response: Oh, I hate when computers do that! Thanks so much for taking the time to rework it. I'm THRILLED to have you questioning Snape, lol. I can't beleive I did that, actually. I so thought people would have figured him by now, but there is still so much belief on both sides. I'm enjoying it. You're very right to keep your eyes on Ginny for some help ;) Glad you enjoyed Voldemort. I think he gave me the most trouble in this chapter while trying not to make him too cartoonish. I'm glad you think it succeeded. Thanks, much!

Mortal Peril
Reviewer: littlesphinx (Signed)
09/29/2006 06:43 pm
OH MY GOSH!!! Poor Harry! I would've died of terror by now if I was him! Please update soon! I can't wait to see how this all this turns out.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, Harry is feeling very panicked at the moment. I would do in his place!

Mortal Peril
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