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Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
10/10/2006 06:24 pm
that chapter was really sweet. made me a bit sad, but it was really great. i mean, harry finally gets to remember hearing his mother say 'l luv you', it made me so happy!hope u don't kill off ron though....

Author's Response: Thanks! I agree, Harry needed that.

The Locked Room
Reviewer: Holy... (Anonymous)
10/10/2006 04:29 pm

Okay, sorry, me again.

I wanted to let you know that I have dabbled in fanart and have a few pics from this story.  They're not fantastic, but once I get my scanner fixed (hopefully this week?), I'll be sure to let you know! 

And, one more thing on the chapter that I forgot in my other review, was Sirius's bouncy personality.  I feel like all the energy and fun and love and mischief he had was finally able to show now that he wasn't haunted by azkaban or in hiding but was once again with those he loved!  And his comments about Ginny were quite amusing. =)

Sorry to leave a second (fairly useless) review. =/

Author's Response: Really?  OH! I'm so exctied. I'd LOVE to see them. I'm glad you liked Sirius. He deserves the opportunity to finally let loose.

The Locked Room
Reviewer: Holy... (Anonymous)
10/10/2006 04:21 pm

Hah! I get back early from my trip and there’s still a chapter waiting! I hope the next one is as speedy!

Okay, we’ll start out with this: I had tears rolling down my face. This was so moving and sad. When I saw we were going to have a chapter from Harry’s POV, I thought it would be something along these lines (meeting up all those loved ones), but never did I think it would have me so shook up. That’s a good thing though… *contented sigh* Don’t we all just need a cry every once in a while?

So, I think starting out with Dumbledore was a good thing as he was Harry’s wealth of knowledge. Harry needed some explanation and coming from Dumbledore, it was comfortable and you just know it’s true. And then, the order in which you reintroduced the rest of them was very logical for Harry’s state of mind. Easier to start with someone he was more familiar with. One thing that really struck me had to do with Sirius. I mean, he’s in all these fanfics so if you read some, you see him from time to time, but if you look back at canon you remember that the last time Harry saw his godfather, he fell through the veil, no good-bye’s, no closure. And to have him reappear like this would be a shock I don’t think very many people capture, but I think you did a good job.

Seeing all of them again also offered closure to the readers and I’ve suspected that in canon, there will be something remotely similar to this as I think JKR will want to tie up any loose ends less the nagging never stop… I feel like I’m ready for that long recovery road, and I hope this helps Harry get onto the long recovery road with a lighter heart. How… emotional for him. It would almost be too good to be true.

So, my next point- Harry’s emotional state, the emptiness, the sort of void, and yet that sort of… craving for something familiar, for comfort. It was very moving, and I think you captured the sort of hollowness Harry must be feeling. For no matter how evil Voldemort was, Harry still killed him and to have killed someone, and to have it be the end of something that consumed so much of his life… it’s so daunting and hard to even begin to imagine.

But as sad as it was that all these people had to leave Harry, he had so many he could go back to, so many alive that still love him and between the two… realms, Harry has such an abundance of love around him it just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

And now, for my favorite- James and Lily. So often, no matter what era or form they have been written into in terms of fanfiction, they are cardboard cut outs, but your James and Lily were refreshingly original. There is just so much room with the two of them because so little of them is known and I think people tend to focus too much on a personality that isn’t fully developed in canon. What struck me about your Lily and James was that they stood out as Harry’s parents. They were his parents, and they love him and Harry needed to hear that from them. It was so moving and the part that brought about most of my tears. I completely adored both Lily and James in this.

So, fantastic job. I can’t wait for more. Aftermath is quite enjoyable to read. Even though almost all of my questions have been answered, there’s still that monumental one of, "Where do they all go from here?" It’s a big thing that one of the big things in their lives is done. I can’t wait to see where you take it.


Author's Response: Wow, what a fantastic long review! Thanks much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sirius was a lot of fun to write, but I'm glad it was James and Lily who really got to you. They get to me, too

The Locked Room
Reviewer: A Random Ravenlcaw (Anonymous)
10/10/2006 04:06 pm

I don't cry often when I'm reading, but this chapter did it.  It was an awesome chapter.

 What's the next story that you'll write?

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope to try something original for my next story.

The Locked Room
Reviewer: mroberts (Signed)
10/10/2006 02:17 pm

As I was reading this chapter I just knew that he was going to see his parents and then when Lily said "My baby" I just balled.  What a tear jerker Melinda.  Great chapter, and please, please, let Ron live.  Please.  Pretty Please.  I'm begging you.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad it touched you.

The Locked Room
Reviewer: littlesphinx (Signed)
10/10/2006 01:10 pm

This chapter really made me cry... It was beautiful and I'm so happy your not killing poor Harry! Yay! Excellent chapter as always! Great job!

P.S. Let Ron and Malfoy be okay! Please!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so happy it touched you. More coming soon.

The Locked Room
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
10/10/2006 10:22 am

Well, I'll be honest with you. The chapter was a tear-jerker. I'm almost done with work and I took a break to read this. I had to hide my face. LOL.
I love the way you've incorporated the door in the Dept. of Mysteries into this. I had forgotten about that, but it was a brilliant reminder.
And yes- Harry WILL live :P

Author's Response: Aww, thanks. Sorry to make you cry at work, but thrilled I could make you cry, lol.

The Locked Room
Reviewer: A Random Ravenclaw (Anonymous)
10/05/2006 05:24 pm
I really loved the part where Harry told Snape what was going to happen. 

Author's Response: Heh, thanks. I like the idea of Snape wasting away in prison and having to suffere through a "Potter Day" year after year.

Voices Beyond the Veil
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
10/05/2006 01:16 pm
One word for this chapter -----WOW!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Voices Beyond the Veil
Reviewer: littlesphinx (Signed)
10/05/2006 01:00 pm
I was thinking that something like that might work the other day. So when Ginny threw the object towards Harry I actually screamed out "I knew it!" This was fantastic! I just hope for your sake that Harry just fainted and didn't just die! Please update soon! This is definitetly the best HP fanfiction I have read so far! Absolutly marvelous job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Voices Beyond the Veil
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