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Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
10/21/2006 11:32 pm
glad that all of the weasley's survived! made me so happy;poor harry in this chapter though....

Reviewer: i miss Sirius (Signed)
10/20/2006 11:41 pm

chapter: all

i havent gotten around reviewing, i wanted to read the whole story, but i  just couldn't wait!  so awesome!  i've been yelled at more than once for constantly being on the internet reading the story.... im hooked.... cant get away.... eagerly awaiting next chapter!

Secrets Unravelled
Reviewer: littlesphinx (Signed)
10/17/2006 11:06 pm
Awesome chapter! I just hope Harry's okay...

Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
10/17/2006 10:01 pm

Fabulous chapter, I really enjoyed it. Your writing truly does get better with every chapter you write... I was rereading Power of Emotion over the weekend, and was just pleased to know how far your writing has come.

Oh, I love fanfiction. Yours especially. It gives me hope for my own writing. :) Can't wait to see how you tie this one all together (loved the perceptions on George, such a lovely detail) in the final few chapters.

Thanks again, and take care.

Reviewer: Holy... (Anonymous)
10/17/2006 03:06 pm

What a nice treat for a sick day.  This made me happy.

This chapter was, as usual, superb.  I am so glad that you're taking your time with the aftermath, as it is very enjoyable.  And as much as I don't want the story to end, I know it has to.  And then you can work on original stuff more... It would be very exciting if you wrote your own published book.  *squee*

Anyway, I'm glad we got some more insight into Ginny.  It's good to see how she's coping with things.  And all the catch-up of what happened at Hogwarts was fantastic.  My favorite part was all the Weasleys deciding to keep their scars... Hehehe.  Good ol' Ron.

Harry mumbling "mum" before he woke up made me sad because I realized just how hard it must have been to leave, again. all the loved ones he'd lost.  Poor Harry.  It's good he's got Ginny to help him on the long road to recovery.

Some of my favorite lines: "   "Iris wouldn’t Hex him," Fleur said, smiling knowingly. "Eets more likely she was ze one to jump him. You Weasley boys take too much time to take action in matters of ze heart."  All the Weasleys in the room stared pointedly at Ron, even her mum.  "What?" Ron said indignantly, his ears burning."

Heh.  Good ol' Ron.

George losing his leg was very sad.  But at least he's alive. I would have been very put out if only one of the twins had survived.  They're like one character, and yet two.  It's hard to explain but it just wouldn't be the same with only one of them.

Great job.  I hope you get the next chapter out quickly.  "Children’s Authors Bootcamp" sounds interesting. =D

Oh, and my scanner is currently in the not-wanting-to-work stage, but I'm so excited to show you my art from the story... Just want you to know I haven't forgotten.  Sorry about the wait, I feel a little guilty.  =(

Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
10/17/2006 01:22 pm

I loved the part where the birds and the bees were substituted with wires and batteries. It made me laugh.
I love the fact that the Death Eaters killed each other. That makes so much sense. And Fleur is dangerous lol! A fantastic chapter once again

Reviewer: malta (Anonymous)
10/17/2006 01:14 pm
i hav to say ur story is soooo much fun to read, it has soo many thinks that i thot mite happen too. i just thot id say i luv it!!!

Mortal Peril
Reviewer: Barklady (Anonymous)
10/15/2006 09:00 am

I have to say, this chapter did make me cry, and its not often I do. You should really write an original novel, I would read it!

 Loved the bit where harry met his parents, it was really sweet.

 Can't wait for the next chapter!

 *~*Barklady*~* :P

The Locked Room
Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
10/11/2006 08:21 pm

Great chapter (enough that I made sure my 300th review to you... something about round numbers like that is just good karma to all involved). I wasn't too surprised, because you're very much like JKR in that you both follow a very strong structure in all of your long stories, and so I was sure the parents thing was coming. Still, you write it better than anyone else in the fandom, and it still caught me at all the right moments.

Marvelous job! Keep it up.

The Locked Room
Reviewer: Kelly (Anonymous)
10/10/2006 10:54 pm
Wow, fantastic first chapter! Very JK. I could see something like this coming about in the first book. I'm hooked :) 

Secrets Unravelled
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