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Reviewer: Roxy (Signed)
02/26/2006 05:12 pm
Great start! I've always had problems starting a post HBP fic, but you've done a great job. I love how Ginny isn't all sobby over Harry here and she just asked Ron to take care of him. That's sweet. Also, your Dudley idea is hilarious! Harry gettin' smacked in the head with a vase! The way you explained it... getting Harry in trouble for whatever Dudley did when upset, is a great idea as well! I really can't wait to read more of this story! I love your writing style!

Author's Response: Nah, Ginny's not a crier and I hate to see her portrayed as one. I hope you'll continue to enjoy it.

Secrets Unravelled
Reviewer: Kressel (Signed)
02/26/2006 12:23 pm
Great beginning! The Dudley as wizard concept is fascinating, and I loved the ending conversation with Ron & Harry, very much in character for both.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love the Ron and Harry frienship - they're such boys.

Secrets Unravelled
Reviewer: ppatronus (Anonymous)
02/26/2006 08:32 am
Thanks for the new story. I have truly enjoyed your other work and am looking forward to this one.

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Secrets Unravelled
Reviewer: Wolfric1954 (Anonymous)
02/26/2006 02:38 am
It looks promising. It certainly srtuck me that if Harry's power is from love that it was pretty silly of him to turn away from Ginny. I envy your facility with the characters; I might be able to spin plot lines but I don't think I could make the characters so beliveable. Please keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I don't think Harry sees how love could be so powerful - he's never had much of it. What he's doing - pushing her away to keep her safe - is the way he knows to express his love. He's not trying to be mean to her, he's desperate to keep her safe and it's the only way he can see how to do that.

Secrets Unravelled
Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
02/25/2006 10:51 pm
Oh, this is marvelous. I loved the Dursley interaction - ye gads, but you understand these characters! - and just about everything else as well. Thanks for this, and I eagerly await the next installment!

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you continue to enjoy. I work really hard on the characterization, so I'm THRILLED you said that.

Secrets Unravelled
Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Anonymous)
02/25/2006 10:35 pm
A wonderful start to what looks to be another masterpiece. Things are going to be very interesting for Harry and company this year. And Dinky Diddydums? A wizard? Wow. I like the way that Harry's mind stops working for a moment everytime Ginny's name crosses his thoughts. Even though they aren't together at the moment, the depth of his love for her could not be clearer. I love where you are going with this! I'm so glad you already have several chapters written...I don't know how long I could wait, but I do understand about not doing a chapter per week...I don't know how you managed to do that before! Great start, Melinda. I can't wait for Chapter 2.

Author's Response: Hey! My first WT review! Thanks! The chapter a week was too much, it made me start to hate the whole thing and I don't want that. Usually I enjoy it so much. I think Harry's teenage mind would stop every once in awhile and get stuck on GInny, no matter how hard he tries to fight it.

Secrets Unravelled
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