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Reviewer: James Milamber (Signed)
03/17/2006 10:12 am

I was mentioned in Author Notes. YAY!

Lol, still an interesting story...should get even more interesting around the end of the GoF timeframe...

A Chat With Dumbledore
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/13/2006 12:04 am
I understand about Draco being different in that scene, it fits. It's kind of sweet, in a sad way.

Author's Response:

Madeline, I truly appreciate your many reviews for my story and I love the fact you seem to be following it. If only everyone was like you. :) thank you for your reviews. I hope you keep on reading this story.

Chapter 11
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/12/2006 11:59 pm

You know, I was talking about something similar tonight with a friend, but I think it applies here: I wonder if Lucius will ever realize that he is compounding the problem by always defending Angel?

 Probably not...

Chapter 10
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/10/2006 10:22 pm
Well, I had a feeling the stay with Snape would be short. I'm curious now about Draco and Angel

Going From Spinner's End To Malfoy Manor
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/10/2006 10:15 pm
Wow...there are times I think Voldemort is just using Angel, and there are other times I can't help feeling he might have some love for her. You pack a heck of a punch, with this point of view. We alerady know enough to fill in the blanks. Angel with Snape... now this will be interesting!

Angel Warns Tom, Tom Doesn't Pay Heed
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/09/2006 07:36 pm
Hoh boy -- this is an interesting, if not entirely unexpected, development. What I am wondering is how long Marisol was dead...

Learning About Harry And Finding Marisol
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/09/2006 07:32 pm
Nice bit of research, there! I'm rather curious about the back story of the making of this wand, if even Bellatrix is freaked.

Angel's Wand
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/08/2006 03:25 pm
Heh heh, OK, the scene with Snape was funny. In the meantime, you've added a rather interesting twist to canon! How can Snape keep his Order activities secret, with Angel around? he working for the Order? You have me rather curious, now! I did NOT expect that twist with Marisol, and I wonder if she is whom I think she is. Very nice!

Misplaced Trust And Harassing Severus Snape
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/08/2006 03:19 pm
OK, the blood just froze in my veins. Angel is truly beginning to creep me out. What a difference a year makes, indeed! Now I need a hot chocolate...brrrr!

Disobeying Voldemort Hurts
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
02/25/2006 03:24 am
I really, really hate Voldemort. He is such a loathesome little snake. no wonder she's described as mad later on in your other stories.

You Are Mine
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