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Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
09/23/2006 06:41 am
I loved this one! Really well written, fluffy one-shot!

Reviewer: AmericanStreetWitch (Signed)
04/09/2006 01:54 pm
Cool. Colin Creevey all grown up. I have to confess I never did like him in the series. Just one more person that Harry didn't need to deal with. Again, very nicely written. I like how you write out your dialogue. That's one of the main things I struggle with a lot. But you do really well.

Author's Response: Thanks! Personally, I'm not the biggest Colin fan, either, but I did like giving him so not so annoying attributes, while keeping his other canon "qualities" (ie, still worshiping Harry Potter).

Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
02/27/2006 03:31 pm
“Have you ever known any of my photos to not turn out? Well, besides the one I tried to take of the basilisk.” This was so cute! You have Colin down perfectly, and it was sweet to see him with Orla. Interesting idea with the mental image translating into the physical image... that's really unique, and a cool thought. Nice job with this!

Author's Response: Thanks :) Actually, this might have been subliminally influenced by a local, independent film I did a story on, where a gent with insecurity issues looks in a mirror and sees an exaggerated reflection of his physical flaws. I know that the majority of us hate having our pictures taken, so I thought -- what would this do to magical film? Well, this is one possibility!

Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
02/27/2006 12:59 am
It is interesting that we both chose the same minor character. I like that you gave Colin someone he could really like. And I like that Orla's name goes so well with the tools of her trade: Quirke's Quick-Quotes Quill. I like Orla. it's brave of her to make the first move. But a guy like Colin needs that, I think he's rather shy underneath all that enthusiasm for picture-taking.

Author's Response: Thanks! Orla Quicke, I admit, was a lucky choice. I had merely been looking for a more-or-less obscure character in a different House close to Colin's age. They are both kind of shy and insecure; personally, I think, more or less, they rather moved together. Appreciate the review!

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