Reviews For Rowena's Quill

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Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
06/27/2006 03:41 am
Heh heh heh heh heh... Umbridge's fate in the hands of Neville...bwaahaahaahaa!!!! That was lovely! I just love your Luna -- she's not as daft as some people would make out here. Snorkyak sighting, indeed. The train conversation was great. I know JKR has said this wouldn't happen, but darn it, I LIKE Neville and Luna!

Chapter 16
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
06/27/2006 03:34 am
Wow, I so like Dumbledore here. Your Luna and Neville are great, too! I love how Neville goes to find McGonagall.

Chapter 15
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
05/28/2006 09:16 pm
You write Luna and her sense of lonliness so well. Like the Defense lesson, and the Weasley twin's pitch. The "nargle sting" was a nice touch.

Author's Response: Thanks as always for being such a loyal reader to this story!

Chapter 14
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
05/02/2006 11:13 pm
I forgot about Luna's habit of humming -- great canon detail. Love the emerging friendship between Ginny and Luna.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Chapter 13
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
05/02/2006 11:08 pm
I just love the Lovegood family here -- so warm and friendly. What happened with the quill made my skin crawl. Interesting twist to the canon as to the fate of Luna's mum.

Author's Response: Betcha that's how she died! It may not have been a quill, but I bet it was the Ravenclaw horcrux.

Chapter 12
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
04/11/2006 07:15 pm
Bravo! I just love how you introduce the Quibbler and the code words! Hee hee, and Dumbledore's reaction about the witches, pure Dumbles. 10+!

Author's Response: Thanks! As I told you, that chapter is probably my favorite. 

Chapter 11
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
04/10/2006 06:15 pm
That is neat about the list of spells. It makes sense. So, we have another Rowena? Excellent, as always!

Author's Response:

The list is almost canon. JKR told us that the Ministry knows where magic has been used even though they don't know who did it.

And as per one of your first criticisms, Dumbledore cast "Tillhiasit" not to neaten up Sophie's office but to protect her from Tom's greed.

I think Chapter 11 is up already! Thanks for your promptness. *sigh* I wish I had other reviewers, though. 


Chapter 10
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/28/2006 11:57 am
Well, happy belated birthday! Alas, I didn't see that this was updated. Wow, that was short and brutal. I'd say poor Sophie -- but will she live long enough to find out about her husband? I should have seen the case with the house-elf right off, but dear old Riddle has been a busy boy, hasn't he?

Author's Response: Thanks as always for reading & reviewing!

Chapter 9
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/21/2006 07:08 pm
That was creepy! Tom Riddle is truly frightening. One tiny detail: Grindelwald would have still been alive at this point. He wasn't killed until Riddle's seventh year (or 1945). But ... wow. Tom has gotten scarey, and I fear for Sophie. I know my heart sanke as he was standing there, thinking about the bookshelf. Thank goodness for Dumbledore!

Author's Response: We know when Grindelwald was killed? Where is that? 

Chapter 8
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/12/2006 11:54 pm
Tom is getting creepier by the chapter. Brilliant insight about the plumbing -- I had never thought of that! But you are right -- there wouldn't have been plumbing when the school was constructed.

Author's Response:

Thanks for reading & reviewing so steadily. Just so you know. I've decided to change my posting schedule to Sundays.

You were right. This place is growing! There have been quite a few new members since I joined!



Chapter 7
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