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Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/17/2009 10:40 pm

Remus is sometimes too responsible for his own good. But since two of the Marauder's tend to be sllightly irresponsible at times and the other one is a traitor in the making, it was up to Remus.

Now that everyone is out of school, do we get to see James & Lily's wedding? This part of the series is already finished so I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. Glad Remus wasn't too proud to take the Order's(Dumbledore's)money. Since we know wizarding society is just as predjudiced as Muggle society it should be no surprise no one would hire him.

Author's Response:

Remus is an Arian heretic. That is his tragedy.

I'm afraid I don't give you a wedding, but you do see a little of the Potters' married life before tragedy strikes.

Resigned under a Crescent Moon
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/17/2009 02:46 am

What a great chapter. Ariadne's parent's live in a fantasy world. Much like what happened to the Jews in WWII. If we don't see it or say anything about it, it will go away and leave us alone. It actually describes a lot of people. I'm glad Ariadne has finally accepted that she doesn't have to be like her parent's. Which is sort of a metaphor that people can learn to think for themselves and actually do something positive to counteract evil, even when those around them refuse to do so because it would make them see the world as it really is.

Your story is fantastic. Hopefully there will be more stories. Though I realize some stories and series have been abandoned before I even find them, I hope this isn't one of them. I'll have to check the dates to be sure.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! Just for the record: yes, I finished this story two years ago. I have since made some changes to bring it into line with post-DH canon, but the version you are reading is intended to be both complete and definitive. It is told in four parts, and you are now half way through the first part.

You are right about the MacDougals. They are not bad people in the sense that the Death Eaters are bad, but they are the ultimate ostrich types. Some of their reasons are explained in the early chapters, although most readers have probably forgotten by now. Most of Malcolm's family was murdered by Grindelwald so he just wants to keep away from dangerous people. Bethoc was born a Macnair and she is reacting against the Death Eaters and other criminals in her own family. Their son Kenneth just doesn't think. All of them are highly disturbed that Ariadne knew better before she was four years old.

This is basically the point that JKR is making with Professor Quirrell. The very frightening idea of the disembodied man hiding in the turban is presumably a metaphor for not allowing anyone else to do your thinking for you.


Deceit around the Crystal Orb
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/17/2009 02:24 am

Snivellus certainly, IMHO, deserved what he got at the hands of the Marauder's. Okay, maybe not all of it, but most of it. He made his choice, he has to live with it.

Sirius is so focused on not being like any of his family, that he doesn't realize his way of dealing with those who follow the dark arts can be just as dangerous as anything his family is capable of doing. The end certainly does not justify the means.

Great job with all your characters.

Author's Response:

Thank you. The moral ambiguity is certainly a tough one for the fanfic writer here. I had to find a reason why Severus deserved it (just WHAT did he do to Mary MacDonald? The clue is in the canon portrayal of Mulciber) but at the same time, that does not justify the way James took the law into his own hands. As for Sirius, I like to think he was careless rather than deliberately murderous: I hope he was guilty of nothing worse than failing to think through the consequences of his words, since that was bad enough. But, yes, he is certainly more the rebel than the righteous warrior at this stage. Peter is just pathetic, but it's obvious why his friends don't notice this, and Remus is outrageously passive. I don't blame Lily for wanting to have nothing to do with any of them at this stage! Thanks for understanding my story.

Examined under Rose Moon
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/17/2009 02:02 am

Yes, Ariadne and friends did exactly the right thing. The Slytherin's probably should have been expelled. And would have if Dumbledore wasn't of the opinion that anyone and everyone could be saved from the Dark if given the opportunity. There are times that wizard was very frustrating.

Professor Pavo needs a few less trips to Gladrags and a few more lessons in teaching. As do a few other teachers.

I like the way this is progressing. I really like the different viewpoints in the chapters. One Remus, one Ariadne. I'm also sure this is leading somewhere I'm not expecting. Can't wait to get there.

Author's Response:

As I explain in a later chapter, it's a risk to expel certain students during a time of war: it's just inviting them to run off and join the Death Eaters. So Dumbledore, frustrating master-puppeteer that he is, tries to reform them in-house. I don't know why he keeps on so many mediocre teachers, but there is a definite pattern there. Of the long-servers, only McGonagall, Flitwick and Sprout are really excellent on the job.

Hold on to the idea of Ariadne as the person with the moral compass. Unlike Remus, she has no personal motivation for living a life of lies, so she charts a very different course from him.

Death Eaters Undeceiving
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/17/2009 01:25 am

This was really great. True friendship and loyality are rare in any world.

Author's Response:

Perhaps that's why even this little Paradise is sheltering a rat...

Defying the Moon's Demand
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/17/2009 01:06 am

Looks like we're looking at both Remus and Ariadne's school years. I like the way it's being written.

The dialogue flowed smoothly and realistically.

Author's Response:

Thank you. Some readers have found the timeline difficult, but if you check the dates under each chapter heading, you should work it out. As for the dialogue, I just think about real people.

Eschewing Deceit
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/17/2009 12:34 am

This is really beginning to be interesting. I've read a number of stories about the Marauder's, their beginnings, individual stories of the four boys, and even a few that center around Remus. This is definitely a good one.

Your characters all seem real, the storyline is believeable.

Author's Response:

This isn't really a "Marauder" story, but thanks for saying that this one measures up. I'm well aware that there are thousands out there and that some of them are good.

Barricaded against the Moon
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/16/2009 11:54 pm

Go Gryffindor!  It's already obvious there is more ato Ariadne than her parents want to know about. She definitely has a few gifts, she's also brave and courageous when not being smothered by family.

This is becoming a story I plan on finishing.

Author's Response:

Thank you for persevering with a story that began outside your comfort zone and for taking the trouble to tell me what you think. And thank you too for understanding what the story is about.

Deceit at the Wedding
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/16/2009 11:30 pm

It's so sad Remus never had a real childhood. Even all the good things his parents did, no matter how much they loved him, there was always the full moon.

Greyback should have been decapitated when he was caught for what he purposely did to children.

Author's Response:

Yes, of course they should have put Greyback to the silver bullet. The problem was, they never caught him.

It could be argued that Remus had a better childhood than Sirius. At least his parents loved him, which is a huge protective factor.

Thanks for reviewing.

Cursed by Thunder Moon
Reviewer: captburke (Signed)
03/16/2009 10:48 pm

Ariadne is a very perceptive witch. And I like her a lot.

Author's Response:

Thank you! She has to carry the whole story so I am glad she has already started to "work" for you.

Ineffable Deceit
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