Reviews For A Dream Unlocked

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Reviewer: jayley (Signed)
03/19/2006 12:31 am
OMG, the entire time i read that i was just goin, where the heck is harry?? it is drivin me crazy! Interesting story, but kinda sad; hope harry doesn't fall into the trap too badly...

Chapter 5: Time for Bed
Reviewer: Desslok (Signed)
09/28/2005 09:24 pm
Really great story!!! Very exciting. Normally even the hint of rape/molestation/abuse will set me off a story for good (I really don't need the horrors of the real world in my recreation) but you really handled this tastefully and delicately. You conveyed the menace of Riddle w/o resorting to blatant shock. Very deftly handled! I'm really enjoying this and look forward to more!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement. Look for an update very soon.

Author's Response: By the way, thank you for being patient. RL interfered with my HP life for awhile. I hope to get back to posting regularly...starting tomorrow. Thanks again for the post! I appreciate it.

Chapter 5: Time for Bed
Reviewer: hpgirl7777 (Anonymous)
09/28/2005 09:03 pm
This is an intriguing story so far...definitely worth waiting for the next update. It's very well written, and I hope you keep up the fantastic work!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I kind of dropped off the WT radar for awhile, but I'm going to try to post tomorrow. Thanks for the post. I really appreciate it.

Chapter 5: Time for Bed
Reviewer: amblewat (Anonymous)
06/10/2005 07:25 am
Thank you for bringing a wonderful story to wizardtales. I love your work!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm happy to be here! Everyone has been very warm and welcoming. :) I hope you continue to enjoy what you see.

Prologue: Frustrated and Alone
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