Reviews For A New Beginning

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Reviewer: TouGod (Signed)
12/09/2005 03:50 am
Not bad, a little confusing, but not bad. Please continue.

Chapter 4: The New Guard of Hogwarts
Reviewer: hpgirl7777 (Anonymous)
09/28/2005 08:30 pm
My, that was a great story, and wonderfully written as well. This is a very good interpretation of what might be in store for Harry and Co. in the final battle, and you've portrayed the characters splendidly. Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I will be posting several more chapters very soon. I hope you will continue to enjoy it. Thanks for the post.

Chapter 3: The Aftermath
Reviewer: Lourdes (Signed)
06/11/2005 02:57 pm
I have read this fic at SIYE weeks ago and I am reading it all over again now. It is a tribute to you,Sugarquills23 that this fic continue to hold my interest and that it fascinates me now as it did then. You have used a technique whereby you are telling a story by giving background history before actually getting to its heart. Your historical story telling included flashbacks and you did this very well. Very close to being word and grammatically correct, there is only one error: "Having not grown... " should have read "Not having grown....."

Author's Response: Thank you for your wonderful readership and the invitation to join you here at WizardTales. I'm flattered that you've enjoyed my story enough to read it again. Thanks for your insights and flattering comments. :) I took care of the error that you found...nice catch. :)

The Approaching Storm
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