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Reviewer: kelsie (Anonymous)
12/21/2005 08:09 pm
this is a great fic! I just couldn't stop reading! It took me forever but now I am on to the sequel :)

Back Into Hell
Reviewer: aly (Anonymous)
12/14/2005 06:45 pm
i luv this ch. one of ma fav. if u don't u should write books or sumethin like that

A Shoulder to Lean On
Reviewer: boo (Anonymous)
12/11/2005 09:09 pm

Back Into Hell
Reviewer: boo (Anonymous)
12/11/2005 07:15 pm
once again i luv this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :D

Reviewer: boo (Anonymous)
12/11/2005 06:32 pm
i luv this story and the sequal i read the completed versions of both on another site and now im reading it again. yay

Reviewer: HarryPotterBlack (Signed)
11/22/2005 09:59 pm
This is a great story!! Keep up the great work!! I found this story this morning and have been reading it periodically all day and just now finished. Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

Back Into Hell
Reviewer: Roger (Signed)
09/01/2005 10:17 pm
Outstanding story! I loved the interaction between Ginny and Harry, you built it up nice and slow, but still gave us what we wanted - and gave us time to enjoy it! Good Job!

Back Into Hell
Reviewer: Hellfire (Anonymous)
08/26/2005 12:21 am
I love the wole fic. I can not wait till you start posting the sequal. IF you need any help my email is

Back Into Hell
Reviewer: emmamoonpotter (Signed)
07/03/2005 05:46 pm
Harry getting hit with the will on his birthday... bummer. LOL. Great chapter! You hit teenage boy's reactions to small T-shirts. right on the head.

Sweet 16
Reviewer: emmamoonpotter (Signed)
07/01/2005 02:50 pm
Really excellent chapter. I can envision the conversation between Harry and Dumbledore and think it would be very similiar to what you wrote. *Snicker* I think Hermione could surpass even Percy! LOL.

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