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Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/14/2006 05:31 pm

Thank God for Ginny!  Harry's response to the Howler brought a wee tear to the eye :-(

The Howler
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/14/2006 05:20 pm
Aw....poor Harry. Just started this one, onto the next now

Solitary Grieving
Reviewer: Nikilav P.V (Anonymous)
08/05/2006 09:52 am

damn intresting!

cant get my eyes of it.

A Shoulder to Lean On
Reviewer: sheepstamper (Anonymous)
05/30/2006 01:32 pm

I have to say that this is one of the best pieces of fiction I have ever read. Well done. The relationships between Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Harry were excellent. Please keep writing it will be worth the wait for the sequal.


Back Into Hell
Reviewer: BackInBlack (Signed)
02/28/2006 04:18 pm
What a fantastic story!! I'm really glad I found it. Your writing style is amazing- for the most part, I really felt like I was reading JKR. This is definitely going in my favorites BTW, my full name is Melinda too :)

Back Into Hell
Reviewer: Prof. McGonagall (Anonymous)
02/11/2006 02:11 am
Awesome, awesome story!!! Thank you for writing it...and I'm off to start on the sequal!

Back Into Hell
Reviewer: Prof. McGonagall (Anonymous)
02/10/2006 05:36 pm
Very sweet chapter! I loved the last conversation between Ron and Harry and also the exchange between Harry and Ginny regarding Mistletoes. The scene of Ginny trying to get Harry to go back to his own room was adorable...I can just see Harry trying to hang on to every moment of this new feeling... LOVED the ornaments!!! Very emotional and symbolic!

Reviewer: Prof. McGonagall (Anonymous)
02/09/2006 11:53 pm
That was absolutely hilarious!!! And no offense taken! Besides, in Europe (at least in Germany) you are legally allowed to drink beer in public at 16 and all other alcohol at 18. And I remember plenty of my friends drinking at 15 and 16...actually I think they became more "responsible drinkers" than many US kids I have met since, because drinking age just wasn't such an issue...just my 2 cents worth...

After Party
Reviewer: Prof. McGonagall (Anonymous)
02/09/2006 11:50 am
That last comment of Harry's was just PRICELESS! I can just see the smile slipping of Ron's face! Really good story so far, I am enjoying it tremendously! Can't wait to read the rest (and the sequel!)

Blasts From the Past
Reviewer: Roxy (Signed)
01/27/2006 04:33 pm
Oh my goodness! I haven't been able to stop reading this story since I started it yesterday. I almost skived off a class to read more, but I couldn't pull a Fred and George! I had to go to class!!! You've got an amazing talent for writing and I was completely hooked in your story from Chapter 1. You've done a great job and now, I can't wait to read the sequel!! Keep up the phenominal writing! You're on my favourites list!!

Back Into Hell
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