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Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/15/2006 04:35 am

I adored the phrase 'his uncooperative eyes'. It was just genius. 

Put Me In Coach!
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/15/2006 04:26 am
I really like the idea of Remus showing Harry some of his memories about James and Lily. Hope to see it in future chapters

Teach Your Children Well
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/15/2006 04:17 am
Fair do's! Who wants a crappy sorting hat song anyway?! I really liked the part where Ginny and Harry talked about being possesed. It hasn't been done too much in the fanfics I've read or in canon, and I thought it was a much-needed-thiing to be done. Awesome!

Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/15/2006 03:54 am
WHEN ARE THEY GOINGTO GET TOGETHER???!!! I was sure it was going to be on the Hogwart's Express

Homeward Bound
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/15/2006 03:48 am
Ron's teasing- laugh out loud. The attack was a big shock! Wasn't expecting it at all- but it was well-written and i enjoyed it muchly

Blasts From the Past
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/15/2006 03:38 am

Aw that thing about your son is so sweet! Good work!

Btw- i am addicted to this fanfic! I start work at 11 today, but got up early so I could read this for about and hour and a half before I'd have to leave. Yaaaay! This is *way* better than sleep! 

Sweet 16
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/15/2006 03:28 am
Good job. When are Harry and Ginnny going to get together?!

Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/14/2006 05:48 pm
AAAAAArgh! Scary attack! Tense hyperventilate-ely moment. ThanK God for Ginny!

A Little Unwell
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/14/2006 05:41 pm
Good stuff

A Shoulder to Lean On
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/14/2006 05:37 pm
I liiiiike angry-Harry

Grimmauld Place
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