Reviews For The War We Fight

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Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 10:38 am
Actually, this may have been your best chapter yet. Of course you had to set it up with the previous chapters, which you did. Ginny's last words to Remus lead to a great potential area for you to explore - of course I comment on this after you have written this tale, probably to its conclusion. Dumbledore's regret at losing "the most important piece of this war' was a chilling revelation that he is as cold and manipulative as Harry and Ginny think he is. I don't like that aspect, but I like your story so far. Harry's medical/magical analysis was well written.

Author's Response: No, this is a work in progress yet, so any comments are always welcome. Dumbledore is a complex character... He's cold and manipulative but he cares, too. He's just so used to being in command that he can't see past that most of the time... Let's see how you think this progresses! Cathy

Returning Home.
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 10:14 am
Hermione had better straighten out Ron quickly. This Harry isn't going to stand for this Ron. Interesting link between Harry and Ginny through V. - not exactly a link per se, but an ability to understand what each other is experiencing.

Author's Response: My reasoning exactly, lol. Common ground is essential in any lasting relationship, lol. Cathy

Through the enemy's fingers.
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 09:59 am
Well done, However, I don't like your Dumbledore. He is essential to this story line as you've created it, and all of fanfiction is speculation. This is a little explored what-if, and you are doing ao good job of it. Well done.

Author's Response: Manupulative Dumbledore... No one really likes him, right? And I'll take the fact that you don't like him as a good thing: it was what I was trying to accomplish, after all, lol. Cathy

When all that's left is hope.
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 09:38 am
I've not seen a Harry face V this way. Interesting and not impossible. The Veritaserum resistance is new, but the rest has precedence, so why not?

Author's Response: Some original ideas... This is fanfiction after all, right? Thanks for the review! Cathy

Inside Tom's Lair.
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 09:03 am
This is a unique twist you have created - the Ron-Ginny-Harry triangle friienship rivalry. I am most curious about how you will develop this. Harry taking charge is rare in fanficdom, but not unheard of. You are doing a good job of setting it up - let's see where you take it.

Author's Response: I think you'll notice that one of my pet-peeves is a week Harry. I'm only trying not to make the transition too quickly... after all, it must be believable! Cathy

The helper and her charge.
Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
08/22/2005 08:41 am
Very interesting start. Well constructed Harry/Dursley relationship. "Different' letter from Lily and James. Clever way to create the potential H/G ship.

Author's Response: Glad you liked the Harry/Dursley relationship... It's one of the things I worked on this chapter. Thanks for the review! Cathy

Home isn't always where the heart lies.
Reviewer: Isabel (Anonymous)
08/22/2005 12:41 am
Eeek, Poor Harry! I hope he gets out soon! Good talk with Dumbledore, very well done. Isa

Inside Tom's Lair.
Reviewer: Mixi (Anonymous)
08/22/2005 12:39 am
Hello dearie! I'm loving it so far! Sorry I took so long to drop a few words, you know how busy our lives can get, lol. I love the way the Harry/Ginny relatioship is developing... And, as a true amateur of fluff, can't wait for more! Take care, and update soon, Mixi

Back to Grimmauld Place
Reviewer: Flowers of the Moon (Anonymous)
06/20/2005 10:43 pm
This is a very well written story. The conflict between Ron and Ginny/Harry is very interesting, it makes me wonder what exactly is going on inside his remarkably thick skull. I also think Remus and his internal demons are a great sub-plot. His guilt and response to Harry is very well thought out. And of course Harry and Ginny are getting thisclose, which is awesome!! I can't wait to see how they get together. All in all, this is an amazing story, I hope you update soon! -Ky

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! And I'm glad you're confused about Ron. He's confused and lost too, so you all have compny on your confusion, lol. Cathy

Back to Grimmauld Place
Reviewer: CynthiaPotter (Signed)
06/14/2005 11:25 pm
Aww!! That was such a great chapter! I'm looking forward to the action!! I love action. :) I just remembered about the whole estate thing and Gringots. When does that come into the picture? I really want to see what kind of artifacts you'll put in there. Oh and the whole blood thing, about having to have Potter blood to go into the vault. Well I was just wondering if that meant that Voldie can go into the vault. He does have Harry's blood. I love Harry and Ginny!! You're making Ron out to be a real prat! That's ok, but really. When is he gonna put his mind back on? I understand the whole Hospital episode but the thing with Ginny and Harry? Honestly! He shouldn't be mad at them for that. But I get why he would be. Poor Ron. Oh!! Who holds the record for the subject that Hermione almost beat? Sorry I can't remember if it was Charms or Transfiguration. James? Lily? Dumblydore? Minnie? Siri? Lol! Remus? Tom??? Lol! Ok I'll just shut up now. ;)

Back to Grimmauld Place
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