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Reviewer: marisa (Anonymous)
06/02/2006 11:00 pm


aw. that was sweet. update soon. *sigh* i still wish harry didnt have to dissappear for so long, but it's turnkgn out well. it's good to have harry back. even if he wasnt gone tha tlong from our pov

sorry for the typos. i gotta run


Reviewer: sheepstamper (Anonymous)
05/28/2006 05:56 pm
just briliant - please keep going....pleaseeeee

Reviewer: marisa (Anonymous)
05/28/2006 04:50 pm

i forgive you, i suppose. i just wish..couldnt harry have just been evil harry for a shorter amount of time *sob*, you're making him redo 6th year? i dont blame you, it works to have them in the same year....i see why you went with that solution...i don't like it but...hey, it's your story. and i like your story. sorry for being so critical....yeah... you realize, also, that ron and hermione will be out of school? *sobith* oooh, and are you gonna make harry go back to the island? because i seriously flipping love that place. and stephen. *happy giggle*

sorry, stephen makes me giddy. weeee....

update soon. sorry for being so harsh...i still lurve you and ur story

and what's wrong with basing a story around a was WONNNNNNDERFUL *swoons*

i read a story once (it was a bit odd) where harry got this time turner and he lived every week THREE TIMES....differently, of course...and the chapters were all like a billion pages long...but i read it...and loved it...*happy sigh* it was discontinued, but whatever. anyways. long stories are welcome. always. *happyhappy*

even though i'm being insanely critical, i'll have you know that this story is one of probably my favorite top....10 or so stories. ever. and i've read a LOT of fanfiction. i mean.....a LOT. like...yeah. tons. *addicted*

i think i already said this. BUT UPDATE SOOOOOON!!!!  :):):)


Reviewer: marisa (Anonymous)
05/27/2006 04:41 pm



lovely. you ARE one of those people that randomly SKIPS MONTHS OF THE STORY AND ANGERS US ALL (or at least me.) thanks a Lot. *angry growl*

 update soon.

Author's Response: Sorry... I didn't think it was necessary to drag it out and torture people with evil Harry.  I also needed the story to move along.  This way Harry will have to make up his sixth year and will be on track with Ginny to graduate.  Many authors advance Ginny to Harry's year, but in my universe that's not credible.  Also, for the things that are coming in the story, I needed it to be close to summer and the end of the school year.  That's always the most exciting time in the Potter Universe, isn't it?  It's the one and only time I'll do this.  Besides... I'm the one who wrote an entire story around one weekend.  I tend to be bad at making time advance, so I wanted to avoid that here and just get on with the story.  Thanks for R&R.

Reviewer: Lesa (Signed)
05/26/2006 09:16 pm

Love it!  My only complaints are grammar/visual related, really.  In a few of the chapters, (I can't remember which), you mispelled sheer, (as shear), and some others with double ees doing an ea, which makes the word totally different.

Chapter 14(as it was posted), It's Not Over Yet, has three different versions in it, one still retains your markings for annoucing the title, (bold and italicized), the second one is just bold but has no spaces between paragraphs or speech, and the third is regular text without spaces again.  Just figured I'd let you know, so you could fix it.

Amazing besides that, I think I'm in love with your story.  Very, very well done.  I like it better than HBP, acutally!  Keep on writing, and have fun in Japan.

Author's Response: I'll take a look at it.  You have no idea how difficult it is to format the chapters on this site!  I thought I had gotten all the bugs worked out with formatting, but I guess I was wrong.  I'll take a look at it as soon as I have time.  In the meantime, I also publish on SIYE, Phoenix Song, Checkmated, and where the formatting is much better.  Please check that out.  As for the spelling errors... I'm not the best or most consistant speller, especially when I get in a groove, but I do have the chapters beta read and usually several other people besides me look it over before I publish.  It's amazing that little things like that get by, but somehow they always do.  I suppose it's the difference in reading for content and reading for errors.  *shrugs*  I'll look for them but at this point I feel my time would be better spent working on finishing this story.  Thanks for letting me know about the problems... I'll definitely look into it.  Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: cogster (Signed)
05/19/2006 12:03 pm

Ugh, such a good story but how upsetting. I agree with the other reviewer. I hope you didn't end up killing ginny off. Makes you feel totally robbed from a happy ending when you read this chapter... although that's just the mark of a good story. Very few should end the way everyone wants them to.

Great Chapter bud, just wish we didn't have to wait a week ;-)

Reviewer: bengpotter31 (Signed)
05/19/2006 11:40 am

Whoa! What a chapter! You really turned everything on its head. Please don't tell me Ginny's dead. I bet that wasn't her, just someone polyjuiced to look like her or some form of illusion. How will Harry get out of this one? Please update soon.

Reviewer: cogster (Signed)
05/16/2006 12:43 am

You know I don't understand why you don't have more reviews here. This is actually well written and puts a twist on the subject that I havn't seen before.


It's excellent. Hope you continue because I"m really looking forward to how this one plays out. 

Author's Response: The reason I don't have many reviewers here is that this story is not yet up to date with other sites.  Most people here have already read it on other sites, but I am trying to get it caught up here.  Unfortunately, it takes forever to format a chapter with the italics, etc... and I usually end up tearing my hair out in frustration.  So I have been taking the upload in stages.  I'll get it done eventually.  *sigh* only a few more chapters (or 10) to go...  I have 20 chapters published at SIYE, PS, Checkmated, and FF if you want to check them out.

Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
03/13/2006 03:56 pm
Okay, so my computer somehow skipped a chapter in here, so now I'm a little confused but I'll go back and reread everything in the proper order. This chapter was good too, so keep it up! Thanks and do take care!

The Return
Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
03/13/2006 03:49 pm
Alright, you've now proven to me that the last chapter was not a fluke and that you're really just an awesome writer. Great job (worth a comment for every chapter, that's how good this is) and I loved Ginny's thoughts on the bonding, they were absolutely perfect. You write Harry marvelously as well, so hoorah for you and this story!

Tlilli Tlapalla
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