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Reviewer: DeborahSu (Signed)
09/07/2006 08:27 pm
I would swear I already read this chapter ... but the previous one was different, before ... good story, great chapter ... but I'm ready to find out how Harry wake up Ginny!

Author's Response: Sorry... you probably did.  This chapter was posted under the title of chapter 26 by mistake, so I replaced 26 with the real 26 once my mistake was pointed out to me.  Again, sorry for the confusion.  If you haven't read the real 26, please go back and check it out.

The Serpent Strikes
Reviewer: jellybeanbaby26 (Signed)
09/05/2006 08:49 pm
you posted 2 of the same i thought you should know

Author's Response: Sorry about that.  I suppose I should pay more attention to what I'm doing from now on, lol.  Chapter 26 has been replaced with the correct chapter.  It was a transition chapter, so not much happened that affected the plot, but it was a nice feel-good chapter that I think is worth going back to read.  Sorry again for the mix-up.

The Serpent Strikes
Reviewer: Mer_babi (Anonymous)
09/05/2006 07:34 pm
This is getting really good.  I can't wait for the next chapter!

Look Who's Back
Reviewer: jbrick0831 (Anonymous)
08/26/2006 06:12 pm
I have to admit, you have definitly put me on edge with this story. I had to talk myself out of just abandoning it all together from pure emotional upheaval, and it's probably going to get worse before it get's better. You even have me dwelling on it at work, which I suppose is a testament to your writing. So I will soilder on, keeping the faith of a happy ending, however painful it is to reach.

Reviewer: jbrick0831 (Anonymous)
08/26/2006 12:12 pm
Excellent as always

The Power of Love
Reviewer: jbrick0831 (Anonymous)
08/26/2006 08:40 am
It just keeps getting better and better!!

As the 7th Month Dies...
Reviewer: Anni (Anonymous)
07/08/2006 09:19 pm

phew! I finally made it to the most recent chapter! I'll wait as patiently as I can for the next chapter. I've gotten hooked on this story. I guess this one has a lot more that comes together than some other fan fictions that are mostly action and lots and lots of drama. I like this theory of Harry and Ginny having a soul bond....When you think about it, it would make sense! Well, keep up the high quality work that makes this story so good! I'll be here to read the next chapter as soon as it's out!


Horcruxes and Hiding Places
Reviewer: sheepstamper (Signed)
06/14/2006 03:53 am
Really fantastic - keep going. The thoughts of the couple are very interesting - keep going on these parts.

Reviewer: A Random Ravenclaw (Anonymous)
06/13/2006 10:02 pm

I really liked this chapter.  Voldemort was in character, which I really enjoyed because I've found that many fanfic writers have trouble writing Voldemort.  I also thought that Harry not speaking was very interesting.  I thought that was a really good descision to make him not talk to people, it seems like something Harry would do. 

By the way, in the next chapter, would it be possible to have Harry talking to the Marauders portrait?  It would be really interesting.

Reviewer: The Amazing Bouncing Ferret (Anonymous)
06/10/2006 11:31 am

Are Masaya, Tlaloc and the other people from the island going to come back? 

I want to compliment you on your OC's.  They are well-rounded characters and aren't Mary-Sue's. 

Please update soon!

Author's Response: Yes, we'll see them again before the end of the story (which is not all that far away).  I should have a new chapter up sometime early in he week.

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