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Reviewer: Ghostlymagic (Signed)
09/18/2009 09:16 pm

I HAVE TO KEEP READING !!! Amazing and unbelievable last chapters, brilliantly written, I was almost crying.

39b. Demon of the Night
Reviewer: Ghostlymagic (Signed)
09/12/2009 09:35 pm

Another good, eerie chapter, just one mistake that I noticed.

'and the war may already lost before it has begun'. I think you meant: 'and the war may already be lost before it has begun'.

36b. If I Fall
Reviewer: Ghostlymagic (Signed)
08/29/2009 09:17 pm

I love the start! Funny and exciting, especially the first line. Another contractions issue. I don't think even Hermione would say 'but you are insane'. Instead she'd say 'but you're insane'. And the end is mysterious again. My guess is that it's Severus.

28. Written in the Stars
Reviewer: Ghostlymagic (Signed)
08/29/2009 08:41 pm

I love the ending, it's mysterious and makes me want to keep reading. But when you're using dialogue you hardly ever use contractions. Most teenagers don't say everything in full, as in "Hello, I am Ron, do not enter that room." Rather they'd say "Hi, I'm Ron, don't enter that room.

26a. Concerning Monsters
Reviewer: Ghostlymagic (Signed)
08/29/2009 08:20 pm

A well written chapter. I completely lost myself in it at the start and it was a shock when I came out of it and was sitting in my own house. Well done.

25b. The Many Useful Properties of Unicorns
Reviewer: jellybeanbaby26 (Signed)
02/14/2006 07:44 pm
gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna kno wut happens next!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate cliffies and i hate waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hurry hurry hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i cant wait for motre

39b. Demon of the Night
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
01/28/2006 05:38 pm
Ooh, I love it. I'll be re-reading Part I and Part II next weekend, since I only really got to read the stuff I modded and whatever else I remembered to read. I'll go through and review all of the chapters then. *laughs* Just wanted to say I loved what I read, and can't wait to see what happens next!

18. Rumors
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