Reviews For Malfoy's Mudblood

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Reviewer: nell (Anonymous)
02/24/2006 02:26 am
oh wow i really liked it but it was vague you should start from the beginning or explain everything anywho i liked it

Draco's Gift
Reviewer: nemo30 (Anonymous)
01/22/2006 05:10 am
Interesting perspective on the love/hate relationship between Hermione and Draco. I had never considered a relationship like that between them until I read your story.

Love Reallized
Reviewer: GryffinGal (Signed)
01/21/2006 09:01 pm
This was very good! I liked the conversation between Draco and Lucius, it's about time Draco thinks for himself!! Great job!

Love Reallized
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
01/20/2006 04:23 pm
That was intriguing, and even though I don't really ship Hermione/Draco, I don't mind it. This is one of the good ones that I've read, and I like how they're just coming to their realization of their feelings now. Great job!!

Love Reallized
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