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Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/13/2007 02:24 am
I like that you made the Basilisk the familiar spirit.  And Hermione's line about being a flunky still amuses me.

A Gryffindor Thing
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/13/2007 02:16 am
Not much to say on this one, except good work.

Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/13/2007 02:08 am
ahh, the introduction of my favorite of your characters.

The Aftermath
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/13/2007 02:00 am
I remember reading this the first time and loving it.  This was one of your better chapters; I love the interplay between Harry and Sirius.

The Dream Plane
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/13/2007 01:52 am
Poor Harry.  Ginny's got him tied in knots.

Defence Against the Dark Arts
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/13/2007 01:45 am

The interactions between Harry and Ginny in this chapter are very solid; it shows just how much they've grown to be comfortable with each other.


Ginny's outburst during the conversation with Dumbledore shows how much she's come to know about him.

The Welcoming Feast
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/13/2007 01:38 am

I love the twins; I always have.  They're good creations and fill a void left by Fred and George.  They also give a good foil to the trio.


Two thoughts: the first is that I'm not sure Hermione should have been able to cast her Reductor Curse, as it is over the holidays, but being at Hogwarts might have changed that.  


Second?  I hate any 'had had' constructions. 

The Hogwarts Express
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/13/2007 01:28 am
The power of the pout is not to be denied.  This chapter is when I really started to like James as a character.

Diagon Alley
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/13/2007 01:20 am

This is a good chapter.  It shows Harry growing into being a leader and how well he's established trust with people - and how Dumbledore is trying to re-establish trust with him.


I especially like Ron's reaction to Voldemort's name,  Instead of just being the name of the Dark Lord, it's a more personal fear. 

The Morning After
Reviewer: Jayiin (Signed)
03/13/2007 01:06 am

You bastard!  You killed Hedwig!


I've wanted to write that for years.  Honestly, I'd forgotten you'd killed her.  Powerful chapter.  


You never did address why Ginny was crying at the beginning of the chapter thought. 

The Gift of Life
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