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Reviewer: bookaholic_au (Signed)
04/20/2008 03:40 am

All bets cancelled.  I was sure Milton was a time travelling Harry, but even if Harry did go back in time he would never work for Grindelward.


The Hogwarts Express
Reviewer: Neumann (Anonymous)
04/03/2008 05:27 pm
WHERE ARE YOU!?!!? what's going on that constitutes you not updating since 2006!?! come on this is killig me!! i thought it was perfect the way it was on i know you dont like ff and moved here but why dont you just update it the way it is there? youd get a LOT more done that way! PLEASE!!! THIS IS KILLING ME!!!ESPECIALLY with where you left off at

Privet Drive
Reviewer: fan of harry (Anonymous)
03/25/2008 02:46 am

you cant end such a good story there... the suspense is killing me :)


Privet Drive
Reviewer: SurryPotter (Signed)
12/31/2007 06:12 am
Ahhh ... I went and re-read your entire story, I had nearly forgotten how wonderful it was. It's a pity it won't be finished. :( Excellent work!!!

End of an Era
Reviewer: cameron (Anonymous)
12/18/2007 03:58 am
Truthfully, I loved reading your fic.  The OCs were the best ones I've read about so far, and your writing intrigues me-please keep the story up-please, I hate it when an author leaves a good story unfinished-just kick your muses into high gear or something.  Good luck and thanks for the great story!

Privet Drive
Reviewer: MJ (Anonymous)
12/02/2007 08:47 pm

Awesome!  I'm glad I found additional chapters on this site. Can't wait to read more...  MJ

End of an Era
Reviewer: Truly_Charmed (Anonymous)
11/04/2007 10:28 pm
I absolutely love your story. I found it on and followed you here. I love you OC's.... they add so much to Harry and his crew. There has been a lot about the Milton's lately (which helps to figure out their back story). I would like to see what comes next. Like what happens to everyone after they get teleported out and what the Order is going to do now. Also what Harry and Ginny's connection may or may not have to do with anything. I am curious to know, how is Alex going to cope with all of this. He's lost so much, just as Harry has. Will Isabelle be his saving grace or will he confide in Harry or Ginny? Cassie wanted him to talk to someone and I'm thinking that with the sudden losses of the rest of his family, who will he go to? Will he let Harry help him out or will he take matters into his own hands?

End of an Era
Reviewer: Parth (Anonymous)
09/23/2007 11:19 am
hey man i was one of the ones tht read your story at fanfiction i waz wonderin is your car still bein a tempermental bitch great story btw 10/10

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Reviewer: lexa (Anonymous)
09/14/2007 04:41 am
where the f*** are you it's been  over a year

Author's Response: Language...I'm right here.

End of an Era
Reviewer: Bubbles (Anonymous)
08/23/2007 01:27 pm

AWWWWWw you can't leave us all in such suspense! We all followed you here to find out more!!!!!!

Keep going with this fic puuuurrrrrrlllllllllease!

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