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Reviewer: Golden_Snitch (Signed)
05/03/2006 02:12 pm
Wow! Never read a Regalus one before, but this is brilliant. I assume you wrote the song ?It's a good one, very good.

Author's Response: Yes. I love rhyming. Strange that I find it easier to express an idea this way that the traditional technique :)

Little King … Thy Kingdom Torn Asunder …
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
01/08/2006 09:14 pm
This was incredible. Wow, what a conflict for Regulus -- does he side with his brother, or side with his family? You keep Regulus canon, but he is still a sympathetic character. The brotherly relationship between Sirius and REgulus is well fleshed out. The poem fits nicely into this as well. Excellent back and forth in emotions. I really enjoyed this!

Author's Response: Thanks. I just wanted to try a writing style that uses no description to tell a story. I also think that despite their differences; being a year apart as well as growing up together - I just can't imagine them hating one another. Thus this interpretation - They don't understand one another yet still care for each other in their own way. The sort of bonds that siblings of the same age group usually have. ^_^

Little King … Thy Kingdom Torn Asunder …
Reviewer: TiffanyRuth (Signed)
01/08/2006 08:43 pm
Excellent! I like the angle this fic is playing at; this is a relationship that is very unexplored.
One line that stuck out at me was : ..."You keep on giving to him, and one of these days you’ll have nothing left to give.” “At least they’re both happy. True friendship is giving to one another totally until you have nothing left to give.” “You are a fool then.”
It was very strong in showing the difference between the Slytherin and Gryffindor mentalities. The sections of poem were also great. Amazing job! *10*

Author's Response: ^_^ Glad to hear that I was able to shoe that brotherly relationship, despite the fact that it was clear that they have different views of the world.

Thanks for the review and the 10 rating ^_^

Little King … Thy Kingdom Torn Asunder …
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