Reviews For Within his Reach

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Reviewer: lilredwitch (Signed)
10/07/2006 06:19 am
This is a great story. I can't wait for you to update it. ;-)

Couples and Reaquantinces
Reviewer: MarauderQueen (Signed)
10/01/2006 11:14 pm
Please update soon!!! I want to find out what happens next. And I want to find out what happens when Harry finds out that his parents are alive!!

Couples and Reaquantinces
Reviewer: Destroyerdrt (Signed)
03/15/2006 01:23 am
Thank you for this story and the time and effort that you have put in to it.Please ignore any and all flames.Enjoy your self when you write and have fun in your life when you can.

Couples and Reaquantinces
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/30/2005 09:32 pm
Okay that is quite a different start from normal. I am anxious to see how you will have Harry interact with his parents. Personally I think he'll be pissed off once he finds out that they've been teaching him and not only was he not told but decieved about who they are.

Author's Response: Your right, he most definantly will be. See he began to redevlop his trust with Dumbledore, and then when he finds out about his parents teaching him...well I'll let you find out. Thanks for reading!

Prologue and Late Arrivals
Reviewer: moony_rocks (Anonymous)
05/28/2005 10:59 pm
wow, u got it posted on another fan fic site!!! (well it is a really good fic!)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it, well I know you do! Well, thanks anyways!

Prologue and Late Arrivals
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