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Reviewer: inkamisa (Anonymous)
05/27/2007 05:19 pm
hurry and update pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeee!!!!

A Purple Knight
Reviewer: jameyandlily4eva (Anonymous)
01/28/2007 12:20 pm
I love your story plz update soon.........

A Purple Knight
Reviewer: halfbloodprincess22 (Anonymous)
08/07/2006 04:35 pm
i like this story, but everybody seems a bit OOC. Lily isn't so cold, and James never hated her-she only hated him. and i can't imagine Sirius threatening Lily that way. still, it's very well-written and im looking forward to reading more.

Back to School
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
07/11/2006 03:54 am
Very good, as always. You're doing an amazing job here, keep it up!


A Purple Knight
Reviewer: SiriusLuver (Signed)
06/29/2006 02:06 am
LOL...that's hilarious!!! Luved the whole thing...plz hurry and post the next chapter!!

The Howling Halloween
Reviewer: sj+amie (Anonymous)
01/17/2006 10:24 am
well woman,wats da craic? amie z's hurry up and write more chapters!!!!!!!!!I know u mrs, take ur time!!!!!!lol!!!amie loves your story and thinks you are klass!!!! hows da exams goin? i would say some random things to you in jibberish - but we all know wat my language skills r like +amie!!!!lol!!!talk to you school!good luck!!! AMIE AND SARAH-JAYNE XOXOXOXXO

Back to School
Reviewer: Ashlyn Alexander (Signed)
01/10/2006 04:13 am
I should have known better than to start reading a 15 chapter story at one in the morning...but I did it anyway. But I finished it without stopping, because I didn't want to stop, Excellent story. I loved it. It's the longest I've ever sat and read a fanfiction story. Honestly it was great! I can't wait to read more. Ash

Author's Response: God, that seems to happen a lot with this fic, people end up losing sleep, and their sanity, while reading it, among other things. Thank you for your review, :D, it's made me so pleased. I have the next chapter already finished, but I think I will wait a few days or so before I submit it. Hope you can be patient! Lol. Thank again. :)

Not Everyone Wants a Pair of Ruby Red Slippers
Reviewer: jellybeanbaby26 (Signed)
01/09/2006 03:49 pm
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh poor lily!!!!!!!!!!!! she can't go home!!!!! she'll just come back even more hurt!!!!!!!!!!!nonononononononononononono its not allowed!!!!! good story tho, keep writing!!!

Author's Response: I will keep writing, don't worry!!!!! Lol, I'm glad you're enjoying the fic. I won't keep you in suspense for too long. Maybe for a few days. Thanks for your review! :D

Not Everyone Wants a Pair of Ruby Red Slippers
Reviewer: Barbara (Anonymous)
01/08/2006 07:01 pm
oooooooooo very good!!!! i can't wait for more!!!!!! i can't believe it was Kreacher!!!!! wow.......i wish that the marauders would all be friends again and they would stop blaming james for everything!!!!! it bothers me cuz he doesn't deserve it!!! thanx for providing me with some entertainment for while i am procrastinating( i dont wanna do my HW~lol)

Author's Response: Thanks very much for your review! It made me smile stupidly. :)

Fall From Grace
Reviewer: Lesa (Signed)
01/08/2006 06:49 pm totally different spin on the Lily/James hating each other, with a descriptive and intriguing reason as to why she, much like Harry, loves Hogwarts more than home, and adding the Order in without being too blantant about it. Love it, please keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm very pleased that you're enjoying the fic. Don't worry, I will keep writing! :)

Fall From Grace
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