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Reviewer: Spiderwort (Signed)
03/28/2006 09:32 am

Your encapsulation of Harry's history with the Dursleys, Lockhart, Krumm, etc. is terse and well-limned.  The story about Dudley's misdemeanors is particularly enjoyable--not just a rehash--and points up his parents' personalities as well.


Love Aurellia's take on the Four Houses of Hogwarts.  Your style changes from practical to elegant here.  A presaging of Mme. Deveroux's personality, perhaps?

 I was especially taken with the dead-on comparison in: "Yellow and black were the colors of Hufflepuff, the house of the loyal, humble *worker bees*..."  

And what a neat device, the reading of residual auras in the classrooms to highlight the characters of the teachers.

Thanks for your kind reading of Minerva McGonagall, one of my favorites.  It dovetails perfectly with my own picture of her.


Some of my favorite lines:

"Wonder why they don't hire a living person to teach this class, Deveroux thought. Then again, how do you fire a ghost?"

Snape's warning to Aurellia: "There are some things in this world that give even the mightiest wizards nightmares. I have seen such things; I have experienced such things. And sometimes... I even am one of these things" gave me the most delicious chills.  I am looking forward to more confrontations between these two.

 (BTW for another luscious take on Snape's wit vis-a-vis another formidable AU opponent, try Anya's "Speak of the Dead" on

"...Dark Cauldron, a fantasy role-playing/trading-card game..." --love it! 

Ron-Hermione gibing with a particular witty edge:

"I needn't ask then if you studied at all this summer," Hermione retorted, fixing Ron with a stern glare.

"I needn't ask you if you did anything besides study," Ron shot back.

"[George] and Fred found the revolving door on the DADA classroom to be a virtually inexhaustible source of joke material."

"...troll and goblin patrols..." in the Hogwarts corridors.  Now I wonder what you're setting us up for there?

Love your famous Slytherin alums:  

"Well, let me see...." replied [Nick], a thoughtful look on his ethereal face. "How about Captain Flabberjakes? Numo Stillmarsh? Or the great dragonslayer Viron Von Arx? Or Reebikah Parrowen, widely considered the greatest sorceress artist of all time?"

And the boys' come-backs:

"Um ... I was thinking more along the lines of the living, Nick," Ron stated sardonically.

"Oh, I don't know, I always thought the only good Slytherin is a dead Slytherin," Lee Jordan chimed in.


Author's Response:

Wow! Thanks you, what a marvelous review! You will see more Dark Cauldron later. Yes, it's a wink and a nod to the many RPG games out there (I've played a couple myself and enjoy it)

 My best friend and co-author is responsible for most of the good Snape-Deveroux spats (I generally do Fred and George). I'm reading Anya's story as well :)  My two favorite characters are Snape and Lupin. I'm having fun creating backstory and history. Thanks again!

Aurellia Deveroux Comes to Hogwarts
Reviewer: Kressel (Signed)
03/04/2006 11:35 pm
Wow! The Death Eater meeting and the pull it has over Snape was amazingly well done! I love how you've captured the seductiveness of power. I'm sure that was the appeal for all the Death Eaters.

Author's Response: Thanks! There's more than just the power -- but that will come out later.

3b Memories and Meetings
Reviewer: Kressel (Signed)
02/25/2006 10:08 pm
It's so interesting to see how many magical inventions you predicted! So far I've counted three: mindspeaking/legilimency; the twins' latest eavesdropping devices/extendable ears; and non-verbal spells.

Author's Response: LOL! Yes, I about fell out of my chair when I was reading OoTP and got to the part about the extendable ears. My co-author and I wrote that scene about a YEAR before OoTP. The other "inventions," too, predate OoTP.

The Parvenu vs. The Establishment
Reviewer: Kressel (Signed)
02/19/2006 10:54 am
Ooh, I love the parts when she walks around Hogwarts feeling auras and also the dialogue you gave Snape, "Sometimes I am one of those things." I don't know why Aurelia didn't wither; I would have!

Author's Response: Hee hee! The idea for that particular scene was my co-author's. As for why she didn't wilt, well, she's encountered quite a bit in life. Also, she tends to overestimate her abilites at times. She has a lot of confidence, sometimes to the point of being brash.

Aurellia Deveroux Comes to Hogwarts
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
01/31/2006 10:50 am
Another beautifully done chapter. Bravo! But now im almost convinced that this is a Snape centric fic. Believe me.. its a very big tribute to your writing skills that im still reading uptil this point. Any other fic id have dropped long ago.

Author's Response: Heh, thanks. Again, I say: this was written and outlined before OoTP. There's no way I could write a story like this after HBP. I think that;'s why my co-author and I have been stalled on Part III. Nonetheless, we plan to finish this. We have to much vested at this point not to. Thanks for reviewing!

7. Prophecies Past and Present
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
01/31/2006 07:23 am
Another excellent chapter. I really like where you are going with this.... although I do hope this isnt going to turn out into a Snape/Deveroux romance and the 'she' you were implying wasn't Lily Potter... Somehow thinking of Snape in love with her squicks me out very much.

Author's Response: Your question on Snape/Deveroux -- that's harder to answer than you might think without giving too much away. You will see what I mean in the last two chapters of Part II: "Distilled Truths and Dispelled Lies," and "Demon of the Night." As for "Lily Potter" yes, he had a crush on her (sorry) -- it wasn't entirely mutual. It's a small part of the story. I agree -- after reading HBP, the thought of Snape loving someone is hard to connceive. Please remember that all of Part I and II were written before HBP, and most of those parts were written or outlined even before OoTP, when such a theory seemed not only possible but plausible.

6. Jaspine Greggs
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
01/30/2006 02:45 pm
ROTFLMAO!!!! Oh my god!!! that was hilarious. I was literally shaking from head to foot with laughter. Excellent chapter.

Author's Response: :D Thanks! Yes, when my co-author and I were talking about this chapter, and especially that last scene, I think we laughed for about 20 minutes non-stop.

5. Brooms and Gags
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
01/25/2006 05:12 pm
Another wonderful chapter. I wonder... do Flitwicks exploits have anything to do with the plot? It would be wonderful to see if it was. I really liked this chapter. Your writing style is very polished.

Author's Response: Flitwicks exploits, per se, no. At least, not yet (it might come up much later). However, the information itself will become important later, in Chapter 15. Thank you!

4b. Peace Preservation
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
01/24/2006 04:39 pm
It just keeps getting better and better. I loved the chapter. I keep waiting for Aurelia to blow up and hex Snape into next tuesday. Off to read more.

Author's Response: I giggled as I read this. Oh, there will be fireworks. Sit tight!

4a. Peace Preservation
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
01/24/2006 03:52 pm
Wonderful chapter! Simply amazing! It was your best yet. The whole Severus part where he was present in Rita Skeeters and Bagmans' initiation ceremony was one of the most well written scenes i've read in fandom. It simply blew me away.

Author's Response: I about fell outta my chair reading this. Thank you *blushes* I had some sinister fun writing that scene. What can I say? I like writing creepy.

3b Memories and Meetings
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