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Reviewer: jayley (Anonymous)
04/17/2006 10:42 pm

cool story! are u still writing at wizardtales, cuz it's been some time since u've written...newayz, i think the story is really good!!!

Author's Response: Yes I will be posting again soon I've had to put things on hold for a while for personal reasons.  I have also done a Minor re-write and am working on chapters to get a bit ahead.  hopfully my beta will be done with school things and relaxed a bit and we can get back to some serious work ;)  I have not given up on this story It will be completed Promise

Chapter 3: Results and Unexpected Surprises
Reviewer: Muggle Witch (Signed)
06/16/2005 01:57 pm
You are a really good writer, and get better with each chapter. Glad that I was able to be of assist.

Just More Questions
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/28/2005 01:32 pm
Looks pretty good so far. Seems like Harrys' just going to HAVE to spend a lot of time with kind of story. Although I don't really see Ron and Hermione bugging Harry like they have been....they were walking on eggshells around him during the school year but hounding him non-stop during the summer? But I understand the concerned friends thing so I'll deal with it.

Just More Questions
Reviewer: Lourdes, WizardTales staff (Anonymous)
05/28/2005 08:34 am
My goodness. What a very long and interesting chapter. You have slowly unfolded the "normal" life of a very special hero in a very detailed and decriptive fashion. Along the way, you introduced all the relevant characters that play a part in his life, always focusing on this one character. It is an excellent way of studying a character in depth.

Just More Questions
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