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Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
08/25/2006 04:33 pm
You're a genius, April! Fantastic fic again! You're getting way too consistent. LOL

Part II
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
08/25/2006 04:11 pm
LMAO! This is brilliant! You write HP/ Shakespeare combinations brilliantly, but poor Malfoy!! He had to be the one who becomes the ass, didn't he? I love the start, April and I hope for more

Author's Response:

LOL, oh but of course it had to be Malfoy! It's not a perfect parallel with Midsummer Night's Dream, but there were some elements from the play I simply could not resist. Hope you enjoy Part II!

 I do have an outline for a more serious Shakespeare-inspired story using Hamlet. But that's going to be a while in coming.


Thanks for the review!

Part I
Reviewer: Gryffindor Lass (Signed)
05/10/2006 12:59 pm
hilarious! i laughed so much especially at the end. and i loved the part about the dementor being disgusted by umbridge, and snapes sense of humor. brilliant story

Part II
Reviewer: AmericanStreetWitch (Signed)
04/09/2006 01:48 pm

LOL... oh i needed that. I really did. Very nicely written. You have a great style of writing.

Part I
Reviewer: XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 (Signed)
03/24/2006 04:38 pm

Wow you like your Shakespeare spin offs don't you? LOL! They're good though.

Michaela :D

Part I
Reviewer: GryffinGal (Signed)
01/02/2006 09:32 pm
This was hilarious!! I was laughing the whole time I was reading it! I'd have to say my favorite part would be this: The brothers looked at each other and sighed unhappily. "It looks like the jig’s up," Fred said. "Alas," George said. "And we were just hitting our stride." Great job!!!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I just love writing Fred and George Weasley. While my bent is usually drama or the macabre, I can never resist these two when they want to get into a story.

Part II
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
01/02/2006 07:45 pm
I loved it, and couldn't stop laughing!! The events with Umbridge were priceless, "It considered lifting its hood and taking the short woman’s life force, putting her out of its misery. It held up a corpse-like hand. It would be so easy to do, grab her, overwhelm her … but… did it really want to touch something that loathsome? The Dementor hastily withdrew its hand. " *snickers* I love that part! Snape really is an evol person, saying it takes three hours...You write humour wonderfully, and I enjoyed reading this. Great job!!!

Author's Response: Hee hee! That's one of my favorite moments, too. I had a lot of fun writing this fic. I had initially intended to stick closer to "A Midsummer Night's Dream," by Shakespeare. But what can I say -- the muse had other ideas. While there are some elements from The Bard (the donkey, the love potions gone awry), it's its own bunny.

Part II
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