Reviews For Attacking Pawns

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Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
08/13/2006 10:24 am
Wow! That was brilliant! It reminded me of the scene at the end of X Men, where Xavier and Magneto have the chess game in Magneto's chamber. Fantastic work!

Reviewer: Cody DeDannan (Signed)
04/12/2006 02:23 am
A note for you: It may seem as though I am not-picking in my reviews, and I mght be a little bit.  But I enjoy your stories a great deal (and I do a lot of intense editing for my cousin's writing as well) so I tend to point out anyhting that to me takes away from the effectiveness of the story.  Again I hope you take it as it's intended; as constructive advice.  I don't bother commenting on stories I don't like!  : )  Anyway I am commenting on this particular story as I read it, not afterwards.  So it's kind of a blow by blow review.
---along the outer wall of the small room he was in.---
"he was in" is a little awkward and unnecessary.  since he's pacing the room, the reader will know he's in the room.
Oo, "stark".  I always liked that word.  Very descriptive. Metronomic!  Another good word!
How very intriguing so far, this game...  I love how Dumbledore replies to Voldemort, especially using his name.  Oo, Grindelwald!  Nice tie-in there!  And an ominous inference to who that Muggle might be.  And you know, as I am reading, I haven't paid much attention to the game of chess itself...but though I know little of the game, I realize there's a whole lot being said there!  And the fact that Tom began as the while side, and Dumbledore as the black I thought was wonderfully ironic!  LOL
A nicely symbolic story I think!  Though the end leaves me a little confused.  Not sure what the ash was, or represented, or why they were playing a game of chess.  As I have said before, I don't do well with symbolism and would enjoy a bit of an explanation for this story.  I enjoyed it nonetheless!  : )

Author's Response:

I never mind constructive criticism. I consider myself a semi-professional writer, so I'm used to it :) I appreciate you taking the time to leave me an in-depth review like this.

 OK-- War can be seen as a bit of a chess game itself, with the kings as the ideology. I had Tom playing white, which is considered ideal for a more agressive, offensive player. The final pawn, of course, is Harry. I have to re-read this story for the symbolism of some of the other pieces (it's been a while), but most of the others are open for interpretation.

The room is of Tom's choosing, so everything is in black and white -- with three notable exceptions: the sand in the hourglass, Dumbledore's robes, and the ash at the end. All of these are grey. Dumbledore's robes are dove-grey, for peace. Time is grey, meaning that it adheres to neither the side of dark nor light. It is neutral. And the ash at the end -- is the combination of the two simple pawns used during the battle -- the Everyman caught up in a battle he or she may not fully understand. The result for both spent pawns is the same: Death. So again, the neutrality of grey.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for symbolism!

Reviewer: HermioneWeasley1972 (Anonymous)
02/08/2006 01:39 am
Wow, I really enjoyed this. I am also of the opinion that Grindelwauld and Voldemort knew each other and perhaps that Voldemort was trained by him. Good job.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: mugglenet27 (Signed)
01/06/2006 08:07 pm
very nice! the conversations were well done and roping in chess was interesting as well. I liked it! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! What can I say? I'm a sucker for the abstract and for symbolism.

Reviewer: Lionz_4_the_Cup (Signed)
01/06/2006 06:46 pm
good job. i liked the convos between Dumbledore and Riddle. good writing. Creative, too, on how you put chess in there. nice job,

Author's Response: Thank you! I had fun with this. I could just see Tom Riddle and Dumbledore as the ultimate chessmasters.

Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
12/30/2005 10:26 pm
Wonderful! I loved it! Dumbledore and Tom's conversations back and forth were perfect, and I adored the way you chose to have the message come through; playing a game of chess. Great job!!

Author's Response: Thank you! This was the first fanfic I ever posted online and only the second one I had ever written. My best friend helped me with the Chinese history and the chess strategy, so I owe a good deal to her.

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