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Reviewer: slytherin_princess (Signed)
08/22/2007 09:24 am

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Reviewer: Luna Lovegood (Signed)
12/31/2006 06:27 pm
This was great. I was laughing SO hard when I read this. Sirius was hysterical!

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Reviewer: angelic_devil (Signed)
10/10/2006 04:54 am
its sooo goddamn funny.

Author's Response: haha thanks very much!

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Reviewer: Sonicdale (Signed)
09/14/2006 08:49 am
It's as if we're listening in on a IM conversation in class between these guys. Very good 'guy' voice, too. Insulting, perverted, silly, loopy, etc.

Good work.

Author's Response:

Thanks so much. I really tried hard to think 'guy' since I'm as girl as they come and really have no idea what guys really think and what they talk about with their guy friends. Again, thank you for the review!

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Reviewer: animimares (Signed)
07/20/2006 10:17 am

HAHAHAHA, omg, this was so so so funny. It's wonderfully written and you really get their four different voices clear out. Excellent job. For some reason the last one in History of Magic made me laugh the most along with this:

I’m hotter than all of you.

Yeah, your mass of fat rolls and snoring problem really make me want to spend a wild and crazy night with you Wormy.

I get that a lot.

Best Peter ever. Kind of pathetic but also very amusing. Loved him. Did I say that I loved this? Going to my fav. stories.

~ animimares

Author's Response: Well, thanks so much! I'm happy you really enjoyed this! Check out the other Mindless story in the series! 

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Reviewer: Rice (Anonymous)
06/20/2006 02:15 pm
Loved it!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Reviewer: mint_43 (Signed)
05/30/2006 10:21 pm
Can only say I love it. I'm SPEECHLESS

Author's Response: thanks very much!

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Reviewer: Ashley (Anonymous)
03/26/2006 05:12 pm
OMG! That was awesome! Could you write one with Ron, Harry, and Hermione next time? That would be awesome! (if you don't already have one like that)

Author's Response: That was actually one of the ideas I had! I'll see what I can do :o)

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Reviewer: MinervaEvenstar (Signed)
03/25/2006 11:09 pm

10/10! You truly have a talent for humour! *adds author to faves* The parts I liked best were: 

1   "Turns him on.

I really wanted to know that. Thank you Sirius.

No problem.

I think he drooled on his pants.

Peter, Peter, Peter, THAT is not drool...Be ready to clean my dirty boxers Padfoot.

I look forward to it. I’ve always wondered how you got that butt of yours.

Next full moon, I’m going to eat all of you. "

2   "I think your butt is fat.

That was uncalled for.

So was the fact that you just waltzed your pretty little self…You think I’m pretty?...I think I’ll take her up near the lake and give her a nice little dinner while everyone is eating in the Great Hall. What do you think?


  "DON’T talk to me Sirius.

Moony, I said I was sorry like a bagillion times!

Bagillion isn’t even a word you dolt. And sorry doesn’t even cut it. You got me a P for the assignment AND now, we have detention tonight cleaning up Greenhouse Seven. Good job.

Why thank you...This is so interesting...Just because I’m masculine, extremely hot, have a nice arse, can get any girl I wanted, AND have a wonderful singing voice doesn’t mean you need to take that out on me. It’s just who I am.

So Moony, have you ever tried dog? Heard their tasty.

Over the line.

You’ve already crossed it.

No way. I made the bloody line."


Author's Response: wow! thanks, once again, for taking ALL of the time out to pick out your favorites quotes and leave me a review! I'm happy you enjoyed this one -- I highly suggest you read bluebottlebutterfly's 'Hypothetical Suicides' story. I think you'll love it :o) Thanks again!

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Reviewer: Courtney (Anonymous)
03/23/2006 12:57 am

I love this! I laughed so hard..... Mwahahaha-HACK-haha.

*10 minutes later* And i'm... hehe... still laughing... haha!

Great job, keep writing!

Author's Response: well that's a good response! sorry your... hacking? lol thanks for the review!

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