Reviews For Study Break

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Reviewer: loony_4_life234 (Anonymous)
07/27/2006 02:41 pm

It was a cute story, but I really wish you would have gone garther with it. I've read all of your fanfiction stories and I really hope that you decide to go into writing. And i think that you should make another story to go with  Christmas Break and Hermione's Trials so we can see what happened after Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione were married. But still this story was cute too. KEEP WRITING!

Reviewer: Megan Hogan (Signed)
02/07/2006 08:56 am would have been nicer if this had been a little longer I think...I didn't spot any mistakes, so that was good! Keep it going! Megan Hogan - Review Squad

Reviewer: Simple_Plan (Signed)
12/17/2005 12:12 pm
I like your story, especially the beginning. Ron seemed like he had always shown some resentment towards the couple, but J.K. never really went anywhere with that. Anyways, awesome job!

Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
12/11/2005 04:56 pm
That was sweet! Nice and fluffy, even if short. I would love to see Molly's face is Ginny had even mentioned that she was following the twin's example. Great job!!

Author's Response: I think anyone would kill to see Molly's face....I might do a "Study Break" based on Ron and Hermione, but I'm not sure yet! ~Tina101

Reviewer: TouGod (Signed)
12/10/2005 01:14 am
Nice, cute, entertaining. Not to mention short. But, good work.

Author's Response: That's what I was going for! ~Tina101

Reviewer: mary_v (Signed)
12/08/2005 08:49 pm
Aww. Vute. But I think adding Ron is this sort of took away from this drabble. It;s sort of pointles, sinc eyou don;t explain why he;s resentful. And you made a spelling mistake- Finny instead of Ginny. :P Anywyas, cute. ~Maria~

Author's Response: yeah, this was just some random idea I got, i'll probably add onto it as soon as I get the chance. Sorry about the spelling mistake, my spelling is horrible, I'll fix it as soon as I find the time! ~Tina101

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