Reviews For Such Great Heights

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Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
08/06/2006 01:07 am
Wow. That was just amazing, so poignant. So sad! Especially the ending, about Ron.

Reviewer: TheMusicOrTheMisery (Signed)
08/01/2006 01:54 am
 Ah, beautiful! :Wipes eyes: I loved it!  TPS is great also, but this fic was really good.  I like your style! [:

Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
07/31/2006 10:02 pm

That was wonderful and brilliant and lovely, and I understand completely why it was recc'd.

I wish the beginning had signified more clearly that it was a letter, but beyond that this was great.

((Also, Postal Service = <3))

Reviewer: WiCkEd (Signed)
04/12/2006 08:06 pm
I don't know what to say. This was so... touching and sad and... amazing. The way it was written, in letter form, was very fitting and original. I loved it; it was so hearwrenching that Harry was so hollow and lonely and everything... just amazing. GREAT job.

Reviewer: Lionz_4_the_Cup (Signed)
01/04/2006 08:11 pm
i feel so bad for Harry! that was really well done,, good job.

Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
12/04/2005 12:51 pm
That was so sad and touching at the same time. Poor Harry, you really see how much of a life he really had, which wasn't much. You really understand what he's feeling the whole time you read it, and you can't help but feel sorry for him. Great job!!!

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