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Reviewer: Tater (Anonymous)
08/25/2007 02:15 am

Btw, that isn't my real name

anyway, i really like it so far!  but can you please stick the rest of the story from on here?  for some reason i can't access 

anyway, i really like it so far and would love to see more of it!

Potions, Oh My!
Reviewer: pianochic1703 (Anonymous)
02/27/2006 10:55 pm
This is wonderfully humerous. Keep it coming. Heaven knows that as a college student I could use some humor in my life. Keep writing!

It Has Begun
Reviewer: XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 (Signed)
01/16/2006 06:07 pm
I can't find it, have you deleted it, i've tried your user name. But are you finishing it on this one because i really want to read more, that whole table bursting into flames made me laugh so much i scared my cat. Any way good story and please continue while i try to find it on the other website.

No Way!
Reviewer: Megan Hogan (Anonymous)
01/11/2006 12:19 pm
Again, great chapter, though I think the table scene was a little OTT.

It Has Begun
Reviewer: Megan Hogan (Anonymous)
01/11/2006 12:04 pm
This is a really interesting story line, I will definately check out the full length one . I did, however, notice a few gramatical errors and in the first few lines, you might want to re-think how Harry says his line about Dudley being considered a brother, he wouldn't say it the way he did. Otherwise, great!

No Way!
Reviewer: Barbara (Anonymous)
01/01/2006 11:12 pm
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww little draco is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Has Begun
Reviewer: WITCH HAZEL (Anonymous)
12/09/2005 09:08 am
I'm loving every minute of this one .I can't wait to see if Hermione makes any head way with Draco.

It Has Begun
Reviewer: ElusiveEvan (Signed)
11/25/2005 05:56 pm
I can't wait for the next chapter!!!

It Has Begun
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
11/24/2005 07:03 pm
ROFL I love it! When I read that Draco was the child, I burst out laughing. He's too cute to be Malfoy. I wonder why he doesn't like Harry, though. "Uncle Sev!" I can't get over that! Great start, I'll be looking for more chapters!!!

It Has Begun
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