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Reviewer: blank (Anonymous)
12/13/2005 09:31 pm
nice start. Really enjoyed it so far. Great plotline. I'm going to read on. Can't wait to see wat happens. Could've been a bit more descriptive. :p but still good

Reviewer: He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (Anonymous)
12/09/2005 06:01 am
I'm not sure I like this "CHANTELLE" character. She sounds like pure seductive evil! Which is so good it's bad... Hemomorphesi? Sounds very interesting. Loads of in depth research there. :P Keep up the good work... UPDATE SOON!!! PLEASE!!! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!!!

First Encounters
Reviewer: Blank-ity-blank (Anonymous)
12/09/2005 05:59 am
FIRST LOVE???!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Gee, I wonder who that could be! :P Please keep writing. What's going to happen??? ... That was really disgusting with the decorations... and poor Elizabeth! I felt really sick when she received the head. please continue

Nightmare for Christmas
Reviewer: You-Know-Who (Anonymous)
12/09/2005 05:56 am
WOW!!! Keep writing... it's soooo intriguing. VERY WEIRD!!! Blood stains on the sheet? I thought that was really kewl

All Impressions Last
Reviewer: You-Know-Who (Anonymous)
12/09/2005 05:53 am
Sounds good so far. Make sure you stay with the times... but I know how hard that can be. Please keep writing. I can't wait to read more

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