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Reviewer: MuggleMomma (Anonymous)
07/17/2007 10:56 pm

Wow...I am absolutely flabbergasted by this piece.  The writing style was at once unique and easily flowing; the prose reads like perfect poetry, ebbing and flowing with Ginny's emotions.

What a wonderful tribute.  Good luck and keep up the good work. 

Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
07/16/2007 02:21 am
I truly enjoyed reading this fic.  You are such an amazing writer.  :)

Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
04/14/2006 08:20 pm

I am not a shipper... but this fic was so magnificent that it would have turned me into a H/G shipper even if I hated the ship.

Hats off to you. 


Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
11/15/2005 07:38 pm
Wow, that was great *sniffle*. You really understand what Ginny is feeling, poor Ginny. I like how it's written in second person. You're good at writing Harry/Ginny, too. Great job!!!

Reviewer: Zayne (Signed)
11/15/2005 05:56 pm
Absolutely wonderful! I adored it, a beautiful masterpeice. I hope to see more of your work!

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