Reviews For Prisoner of War

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Reviewer: Helen (Anonymous)
06/17/2005 03:36 am
I love the idea of starting astory with an article from the Prophet and it works so well in this case.

Author's Response: Thank you, its always good to be original.

Reviewer: Cody (Anonymous)
06/02/2005 10:45 am
Wow, you have had me in floods of tears. You really know how to capture people's emotions.

Author's Response: Thank you.

Chapter Five: Blood
Reviewer: Lourdes (Signed)
06/02/2005 05:04 am
I just validated chapter 6 without any edits. I also enjoyed reading it. I was moved to tears, worry, fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, pride, and pain as each character's thoughts and feelings were described and brought to the fore. To enable a reader to feel and think with the characters is a very ingenious and creative author's knack. Such an excellent piece of writing.

Author's Response: Thank you, you are goiung to give me a big head if you keep all this praise up. I'm really pleased that you are enjoying it.

Chapter Five: Blood
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/30/2005 10:57 pm
UGH!! I truly hate it when I run out of chapters (sometimes even when the story is finished). I know that you've said that your betas have a life and all that but....but...*pounds head on desk in frustration* Okay I think that it is great that Ginny seems to not have to suffer THAT kind of abuse but how long are all those girls going to have to stay there? Cause while I'm positive that Harry will rescue Ginny I'm also sure that he's not going to just take Ginny and leave the rest of the girls.

Author's Response: Well the good news is the story is finished. (Eight chapters plus prologue and epilogue.) But as I said before my beta is a wonderful person but very busy and I don't trust this in anyone's hands but hers at this stage. As for Harry rescuing Ginny and the other girls. Well, will the like of Dumbledore let him risk falling into a trap? Will Ginny want him to do that? Interesting thoughts though.

Chapter Four: Isolation
Reviewer: Alex (Anonymous)
05/28/2005 10:13 am
The pit is awful. But the idea to use the ring to break her bonds is very clever and screams of Fred and George. I really feel for the Weasleys. There must be nothing worse than the clock just pointing at lost! And I've heard my teacher use the following line she choose to exercise her mouth instead of her wrist. The engagement issue has provided a bit of relief and another clever plot twist. And the cliffhanger is very good but has left me wanting you to update very soon.

Author's Response: I think that Ginny is very similar in some aspects to her twin brothers. I'm glad you picked up on that. As for an update, I'm afraid you are up to date with the other site I post at and my beta is a very busy but wonderful lady so I can't tell you when it will be. Although it may take a little while!

Chapter Four: Isolation
Reviewer: Alex (Anonymous)
05/28/2005 10:08 am
I'm officially scared and worried. Ginny in a bad way both physical and the fact she is Malfoy manner, especially if Jessica Stevens was telling the truth. Ron Hermione bickering is alway fun, but is she pmsing... "I wish you would go quiet for a bit," she snapped. Ron looked quite taken aback at her words, as if he had just been hit across the head. "Let Harry finish his story because it is the nearest I am ever going to get to a proposal." While Lucius is just a slimeball.

Author's Response: Being officially worried and scared for Ginny is a good thing. As for Hermione pmsing she's just a tad frustated thats all.

Chapter Three: Malfoy Hospitality
Reviewer: Alex (Anonymous)
05/28/2005 10:01 am
These chapters are really packed full of action and emotion which makes them exceptional. Ginny being the heir of Gryffindor is clever because it is normally Harry. You also had me doubting her answer for a while. This line was a classic: "I would love to see you become Mr Weasley." Fred and George were very funny. I especially liked their one liners about Ginny. The Knockturn Alley part was haunting. And why did Ginny choose to ignore that hag?

Author's Response: Well it would have been a very short story if she had listened to the hag.

Chapter Two: Curiosity Killed the Lioness
Reviewer: Alex (Anonymous)
05/28/2005 09:49 am
For a chapter that is the calm before the storm, a lot happens. It is wondefully well written, I'm anxious for Ginny and want to know what Tom knows. The proposal was very sweet and I can't wait for her answer. But this was my favourite part "I wouldn't poke you in the eye, not that you don't deserve it," Ginny said as she adopted an innocent tone to her voice and straightened her face. "It would be highly impractical due to the fact you wear glasses. But then I could always find other areas." Harry smiled as Ginny's mischievous grin finally appeared and he took her hands into his. Dropping his voice he whispered, "I don't think that you should be saying that kind of thing in public, Miss Weasley." "Well," she whispered as she raised her eyebrows, stroking his face with her right hand, "I think you should stick to your promise and take me somewhere else, Mr Potter. Maybe somewhere more private where I can hold my wand where I want." "And what would your mother say if she could hear you now and see that twinkle in your eye?" Ginny got to her feet and let her hand fall into his. "Well I'm a strong believer in the statement what my mother does not know can't hurt me." He squeezed her hand, "You mean her, don't you?" "No, I meant me," she said as she cast her eyes around the round almost as if she was looking for Mrs Weasley. "Come on, Harry, you've met my mum and seen her in a shouting fit."

Author's Response: Wow, a huge review. Let me take it a bit at a time. Being anxious for Ginny and concerned about Tom is wise. I'm glad you enjoye the proposal and you have highlighted one of my favourite parts too.

Chapter One: Scarlet And Gold
Reviewer: Alex (Anonymous)
05/28/2005 09:41 am
Why do I think Ginny will be high on that hit list. Great and unique start to a fiction.

Author's Response: Hmm good instincts.

Reviewer: JP (Anonymous)
05/27/2005 05:30 pm
Grat. Love how the flasback and the dream mixed into each. Using the ring was an ingenius idea. And the engagement thing is very interesting and reassuring.

Author's Response: I needed to give ginny some level of protect after all the danger I have placed her in.

Chapter Four: Isolation
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