Reviews For Two Tears

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Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
05/24/2006 05:14 pm

Ooh, wow. I adore the ending. *nodnod* Well, the whole story, actually, but especially the ending. This is such a nice view of Luna. Great job!

Two Tears
Reviewer: Lionz_4_the_Cup (Signed)
03/27/2006 08:50 pm
excelent. i could see Luna doing this. nice job.

Two Tears
Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
03/17/2006 11:31 pm
Again, I so envy your ability to capture so much in such a short story. You have Luna's eccentricity and her heart beautifully portrayed here. And Dumbledore's chair -- "the wood sagging with memory and grief" -- wow, just wow.

Two Tears
Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
11/17/2005 03:04 am
As a person who lives inside his head.... Great work! :D Keep the stories coming! :D

Two Tears
Reviewer: YelloWitchGrl (Signed)
11/12/2005 10:03 am
That is intersting and not a way I had ever seen Luna but I liked it. Good job.

Two Tears
Reviewer: GryffinGal (Signed)
11/11/2005 08:49 pm
I like this. I always like Luna fics, because she is such a different person. Poor, poor Luna. Great job!

Two Tears
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