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Reviewer: Muggle Witch (Signed)
05/25/2005 08:53 am
This story gets better all the time! Such an interesting plot. I'm glad to see you back on your feet. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you think so... I had a lot of fun writing it and coming up with all the twists and turns that the plot takes!

Chapter 1: The First Puzzle Piece
Reviewer: Lourdes (Signed)
05/20/2005 12:10 pm
Oh, my goodness. These 2 are either blind or are in complete denial. They cannot be stupid, surely? All the signs are there and they refuse to see. What tangled webs we weave, indeed.

Author's Response: Or they aren't either of those things... :-) It is not quite as cut and dry as that and nope, they aren't that stupid but yes, honesty would have made their lives easier. Why they aren't "together" is part of the mystery of it all... but don't let it drive you crazy cause it'll happen eventually.

Chapter 2: Almost Slipped
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/16/2005 09:19 pm
I think that by now Ginny should know that Harry really likes her, loves her...but she doesn't. He only flirts with her and gets upset when ANY female other than her even suggests flirting with him. And he obviously cares a great deal to help out the way he has been. Relationships can be so complicated.

Author's Response: She should know... you know it, I know it... oh wait, I wrote it and yet she doesn't know!!! Why....

Chapter 7: Portrait of Ourselves
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/16/2005 09:15 pm
I think it is horrible what happened to all those Aurors. And Ginny getting upset that Harry didn't see her as attractive....well that could just be because he was very concerned about her health. I mean he would have to be a very insensitive git to think about having sex with her when breathing hurts.

Author's Response: Yup and yup... he would be and also maybe for a few other reasons as well.

Chapter 6: Fears Laid Bare
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/16/2005 12:46 am
Argh!!! And I'm all out of chapters to read, so you just HAVE to post again soon. Please, with sugar on top? You know I am beginning to think that maybe they are dwelling on the past and that is why they can't move forward....they refuse to make plans for the future other than 'I'm not getting married'. And maybe they aren't going to be truly happy until they admit their feelings for each other. But it's late, I'm tired, so I could be completely wrong.....

Author's Response: Okay, since you asked nicely I'll post two more chapters. (lol) The question is why are the dwelling on the past... but maybe you're right about them being happy but not completely, because it's never going to be that simple. :-D

Chapter 5: What the Heart Wants
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/16/2005 12:29 am
They really are perfect for each other. Now if only they could get past all the well past and be able to move forward.

Author's Response: Yeah, that's past is surely tripping them up. *evil grin*

Chapter 4: Dear Tom
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/16/2005 12:03 am
Well if it's going to be a mystery I'll just have to keep a sharper eye out. Always love a good mystery....well figuring one out before it's laid out anyway. I was SOO glad to see that you had posted many more chapters. Absolutely love it!!

Author's Response: My challenge to everyone is to figure out who the bad guy is, from the clues I leave, before I tell you (at the end). I've posted this story elsewhere and no one has gotten it. I leave very small clues, so it's difficult that way, but also the dreams are important so as I like to put it, happy huntiing.

Chapter 2: Almost Slipped
Reviewer: Lourdes, WizardTales Staff (Anonymous)
05/15/2005 11:27 am
Good heavens. Both Harry and Ginny seem to be in denial. Ginny is in love with Harry and she knows that. Harry is in love with Ginny but he doesn't consciously know that. Both are comfortable with each other but neither knows that the best thing for them is to get married. I could have called this a comedy of errors if it was not so tragic. Well done, Yellow Witch Girl and welcome to WizardTales.

Author's Response: Thank you! I know it seems that way but nothing is really what it seems... it is tragic and will get more painful but ah me, I am a sucker for a happy ending.

Chapter 1: The First Puzzle Piece
Reviewer: Anya (Signed)
05/13/2005 10:48 am
Not exactly how I pictured Harry and Ginny being roommates but I really liked it. While I would hope that they eventually get married in your story....I can see that even though they are really close they are a long way from that. Too much healing would have to happen first. Looking forward to future chapters.

Author's Response: Yeah, they're relationship will remain platonic or mostly platonic until they are married. I'm pretty strict about that for my own writing. Grr... well I'm giving something away but that's all right. Anyway, you are right... they have a lot of healing to do before they can move forward in their relationship. Anyway, Thanks for the review and I'll be posting again soon.

Chapter 1: The First Puzzle Piece
Reviewer: emmamoonpotter (Signed)
05/12/2005 11:19 pm
I like this storyline. Harry and Ginny, roommates adn fellow Aurors. I can't wait to see where this story is going.

Author's Response: Ah well... the whole story is a mystery with clues planted through it. :-) Have fun and thanks.

Chapter 1: The First Puzzle Piece
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