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Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
04/10/2006 10:44 pm


This one is very interesting.. even more so because we dont actually know anything about Regulus.

Nice work.

Author's Response:

I've always been somewhat fascinated by Regulus.  We know so little about him, yet what we do know paints a very interesting picture.

 Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Zayne (Signed)
10/25/2005 06:34 pm
Wow... I love how you've captured Regulus. I imagine it must have been much like that for him, though I'd really never thought of him as anything but the 'perfect little boy' that the books hint him to be, and an enemy to Sirius. I really love the themes in this, and it seems to show a personality that would befit a man who eventually joined the Death Eaters to prove himself to his family.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really wish we knew more about Regulus. I know there's a few theories about him flying around the net, especially after HBP was published, so I'm hoping the next book will shed some light on the youngest Black.

Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
10/25/2005 04:58 pm
Wow, that was great! You don't see many Regulus fics, I've never looked at him this way before. I've always thought him to be evol, the first best, the worst person ever imaginable, but after reading this it makes me wonder....Great Job!!

Author's Response: Regulus fascinates me. He was Sirius' younger brother, a Death Eater who backed out when he realized what being a follower of Voldemort really entailed...I wish we knew more about him.

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