Reviews For Moonlit Shadows

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Reviewer: Golden_Snitch (Signed)
06/06/2006 02:59 pm
Beautiful! Really well written! If I hadn't spoiled by reading the summary, I would've been so floored by that ending! Really, really good!

Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
02/01/2006 11:55 pm
Very nice use of color and description throughout. There's such a sadness and finality to your story's tone, very heartrending.

Reviewer: JPx (Signed)
10/05/2005 05:48 pm
I really enjoyed this story, and the twist at the end. Blaise was the nicest surprise. "Another" Hr/Dr twist just wouldn't have fit. The feelings in the descriptions really makes this. So much is said in so little, it really, really works. Very well done and I look forward to reading more from you.

Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
10/05/2005 05:21 pm
Wow, I would have never thought that was Blaise! Wonderfully written, so much detail! I'll read anything that's written well, no matter what the ships, and in all the fics I've read, I still didn't see that coming! I loved the mysteriousness of it, Great Job!

Reviewer: Esus (Signed)
10/04/2005 10:36 am
This one-shot is so full of sadness and hope that makes me want to cry and smile together. The Blaise you pictured here is a twisted character, full of love for Hermione and hatred for the rest of the world, that make them hide in that room.
I loved your descriptions, your way of create a whole world in a single room and, most of all, your way of making human your characters. As usual, I can go on for hours, praising your way of writing, so I stop here.
I add just a couple of comments, related to specific sentences:
That thought alone reminds him that he can never escape the world outside of this room.
/* A world outside the room? Does it mean that there is another world inside the room? Nice imagine, I think it give a good view of Blaise’s point of view. So, he appears as a “splitted” man, divided by night and day, good and evil, love and hate. And my choice of placing before the night and then the day isn’t casual at all */
For it is here in the darkness, when hope seems so elusive and the future so bleak, that he will find strength to meet his fate.
/* I definitely ADORE this sentence. Maybe more than the description you worked so much on. But, honestly, there is music, feelings and humanity in this few words. Great job! */
When Hermione finally wakes, Blaise is already fitting his mask on. He spares her a momentary glance through his guise, wondering when the day became as distorted as the night, before he Apparates away.
Being completely honest, I didn’t like this conclusion much… I would have stopped it at the sentence before. You know, you created another dimension here and making it crashing against the real world in that way was a bit crude, and it doesn’t show the real importance of this conflict. Especially because you make suddenly Hermione act, but in a strange way and suddenly she didn’t seem as real as while she was sleeping.

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