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Reviewer: eaglebird (Signed)
07/13/2006 03:30 pm

This was a fantastic chapter. Finally some Harry/Ginny action! I just loved Harry's remembrance of all of Ginny's details. That will haunt her ...... so much so that she won't be ale to think of anything else. So, thew countdown to the wedding is so close. I wonder how Ernie must be feeling right now. I have long suspected that Morgana and he have had a hidden affair goiing on, perhaps that will now be revealed. Please update soon, the climax is getting so near.


Chapter Eleven - A Little Wine Never Hurt Anyone
Reviewer: witch767667 (Signed)
06/29/2006 11:02 pm

Oooh I want to read more!!!! What will happen? Please update ASAP!!!!!


Chapter Ten - Le Bistro, Le Disaster, Le Surprise
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/21/2006 02:59 pm

I loved how you characterized Tonks... and jealous!Ginny... interesting..

Things are sure heating up.

Chapter Four - Invitations
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/21/2006 02:56 pm

Hehehe gotta love Hermione and her keen eye.

The whole lunch bit was a fantastic read, so very well done! The humour and the angst was blended in very well.

Chapter Three - Lunch With Harry
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/21/2006 02:52 pm

Wonderful chapter! I loved the characterizations and the flow of the chapter.

Only thing im dissapointed in is... Ernie?? why him?

Chapter Two - Surprise Meetings
Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
06/21/2006 02:45 pm

Gah! they broke up...

This chapter was very well written. I loved the Drunk!Harry bit.


Chapter One - Goodbyes
Reviewer: eaglebird (Signed)
06/21/2006 12:04 pm
It is sure taking Ginny a long time to discover her true feelings about Harry, especially since Ernie has renounced the one life aspect that is probably most important to Ginny .......  a loving family with lots of babies and a loving father.

Chapter Nine - Pea Soup and New Arrivals
Reviewer: witch767667 (Signed)
06/10/2006 07:31 pm
Please update!!! I want to know what happens next!! Please make Ernie come in and break up with Ginny!!! Please? *turns into a small baby and looks at you with a really sad looking puppy face*

Chapter Eight - Surprising Confessions and Sweet Sleep
Reviewer: eaglebird (Signed)
05/21/2006 02:00 pm
This romantic teaser is getting better all the time. Ginny is slowly beginning to re-discoiver her feelings for Harry and is building up her case against Ernie. I love the way you are portraying smooth Harry as he is slowly navigating his way back into Ginny's heart. And OMG, i could feel the tension just as they were about to kiss. Obviuosly, so did Tonks, Arthur, Hermione et al. Please update soon.

Chapter Seven - St. Mungo's Hospital of Magical Maladies and Injuires
Reviewer: witch767667 (Signed)
05/14/2006 04:37 pm

You are a very good excellent writer but you won't update!!! I'm Mary the anonamas person below but please update!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter Six - The Joys of Dress Shopping
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