Reviews For Blood of the Heart

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Reviewer: twinsmom (Signed)
11/19/2006 02:55 am

I've really enjoyed reading both of your stories on this site.  There were times I'd have loved a bit more on the details of the romanctic side.  But, it was just so sweet and pure, which may have been what you were going for.  The pureness of their love. 

Anyhoo!   Loved it- as well as the original characters.  They really added a lot.




Reviewer: MWorth1019 (Signed)
10/02/2006 10:40 pm

Good Story....

I really liked it, you have agreat way with words. 

Reviewer: AlexisDennison (Signed)
09/03/2006 06:52 am
Not fair!  You can't just end it like that!  We didn't get to find out what Nathan and Anna named their daughter or how Harry and Ginny do on their summer internship, or if Ron makes the Cannon's reserve team.  *pouts*  I really hope you write a post-war sequel.  Something that brings them all back together again.  :)

Reviewer: Malimber ConDoin (Anonymous)
05/30/2006 05:32 pm
Hi; that was great, I have been sitting here for the past 50hrs reading this fic. It was great. I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response:

Wow!  That's dedication!  :)  Thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: jayley (signed) (Anonymous)
04/30/2006 06:11 pm
i still can't wrap around my brain that if dumbledore hadn't done what he'd done they wouldn't need to separate ginny's blood/bond. i still don't understand how dumbeldore thought it was necessary. was it just part of the story plot that was necessary?

Author's Response:

Let me see if I can explain...the potion Voldemort wants with Ginny's blood would make him immortal (see the first story Ancient Magic for that).  Snape is giving him a potion that yes, has Ginny's blood in it (because V. would know if it didn't) so he thinks he's taking the thing but Snape changes it and adds his own blood to it.  This renders Voldemort weak but not immortal.  However, because V. has Ginny's blood in him. and Ginny bonds with Harry, Ginny is essentially bonded to Tom as well.  This means Ginny can heal Tom and that isn't good.  Does that make any sense?

Reviewer: me (Anonymous)
04/30/2006 05:30 pm
ok, maybe i'm jsut childish, but i think they should have yelled at him and stuff, cuz the time he bought wasn't nothin! all voldie needs is for a death eater to get ginny, and they are all screwed! maybe im just surprised they forgave him, cuz in the others they never do, and i still like dumbledore, but in yours, i don't even think i'd feel bad if he died saving harry and ginny, cuz it would be his fault.....

Author's Response: Ah...yes...I understand where you're coming from.  It's been a while since I've read this (and written it) so bear with me...with age comes an exhasted acceptance.  They don't forgive Dumbledore all that easily.  And Dumbledore is an old man who did what he thought best.  We all make mistakes. 

Reviewer: HPGWRWHG (Anonymous)
04/30/2006 04:56 pm
well, i was so totally lost in that whole blood bonding thing, but i suppose that doesn't really matter...they have a way to destroy voldimort now.....

Author's Response: Perhaps it will become clearer in future chapters.  Blood bonding is fate's way of giving Harry an upper hand.  :)

Reviewer: jayley (signed) (Anonymous)
04/30/2006 01:08 am
aahhh!aaahhhhh! i knew it!!

Author's Response: lol - yes you did. 

Reviewer: jayley (signed) (Anonymous)
04/30/2006 12:58 am
stupid draco malfoy! always screwing stuff up.....

Author's Response: That is an excellent way to put that.  :)

Reviewer: jayley (signed) (Anonymous)
04/30/2006 12:43 am
hhmmm, so catarina bonded with...voldemort? cuz she didn't say he died, he just didn't exhist anymore....but i really don't understand why they're so sad! but i still like that the story is coming forward! now i just need for u to write when harry and ginny find out who catarina is bonded to!

Author's Response: are a smart one... :)

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