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Reviewer: pianochic1703 (Anonymous)
10/28/2006 12:57 pm
This is WONDERFUL!!! I loved it. Fantastic. One bit of contructive critisism, Quidditch should be capitalized... :) No biggie though. 

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Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
10/28/2006 12:16 pm

Heh, nice story. Be careful on the twinspeak, but great job otherwise.

Keep writing!

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Reviewer: KenF (Anonymous)
07/10/2006 09:26 pm
Somehow I find the idea of pounding the snot out of flying cupids to be rather charming.

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Reviewer: twinsmom (Signed)
06/04/2006 11:49 am

That was very sweet!  I really liked it.



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Reviewer: Madeline Fabray (Signed)
01/04/2006 11:51 pm
I think this is my new favorite story by you, Bill. Oh man, the trolls in tutus, Ron taking bets on his sister, the beater bats, the cupids...hilarious! I like how Harry and Ginny hook up here better than canon -- it flows more naturally. Excellent short story!

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Reviewer: malko050987 (Signed)
12/21/2005 03:12 pm
Very good story, Bill. I like the play of colors, masterfully done. :) -Crs

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Reviewer: kadedeetje (Anonymous)
09/30/2005 04:16 pm
As another romantic at heart I would like to thank you for writing and sharing this story. I found it truly enjoyable as it offers a good mix of funny and romantic moments. Please keep writing more like this.

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Reviewer: Arnel (Signed)
09/20/2005 08:20 am
I can see why this story won Best Humor for the SIYE contest. This story is really well done and had my attention from the first sentence. You write all the characters so sensitively and I especially like how thoughtful Ginny is in this story. I also loved the running joke about the beater's bats and the cupids in Madam Puddifoot's and how when Harry and Ginny found themselves barred from Quality Quidditch Supplies Harry still managed to make their trip to the coffee shop relatively cupid-free by sitting on one. That particular part had me smirking from ear to ear. I'm glad you shared this story with us. Arnel P.S. By the way, you did a beautiful job of hiding the bonus phrases...I looked them up in one of my own files and had to go hunting for them in your story! Bravo!

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Reviewer: MsHellfire2005 (Signed)
09/20/2005 05:13 am
I thought that this fic is written well and very sweet. I am a hopeless romantic and I am glad that there are still a few romantics left in the wrold.

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Reviewer: Ham (Signed)
09/20/2005 04:43 am
I think i have read this before on Siye...but it was a wonderful read all the of it really had me choked up.

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