Reviews For Moment of Clarity

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Reviewer: Lionel (Signed)
10/09/2012 04:02 am
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Moment of Clarity
Reviewer: Pianochic1703 (Signed)
01/15/2007 03:31 pm
awww. nice job. I like this one!

Moment of Clarity
Reviewer: twinsmom (Signed)
05/25/2006 07:37 pm

This was really good.  I loved the stolen moment at the end.  I agree with you that Ginny is too smart to not have noticed Harry's behaviour had changed around her.  When you know, you just know, right?!


Moment of Clarity
Reviewer: Caitlin (Anonymous)
12/03/2005 09:26 pm
If there was a rating over 10, you woud definitely get it! You are so amazing and talented, and if I coul dthink of any other words that are along the lines of it, then I would call you those too! Awesome job!

Moment of Clarity
Reviewer: GryffinGal (Signed)
09/28/2005 08:51 pm
As usual, that was amazing! I loved how Ginny was speculating on Dean, and how she felt bad after seeing Harry's look when she and Dean were caught kissing. I could imagine that being in the real book. Great job!!!!

Moment of Clarity
Reviewer: Aurum (Signed)
09/24/2005 06:52 pm
This really was lovely. Though somewhat awkward in a few places, it generally fits quite well. A nice "missing moment," and I loved her realizations of how stupid both sexes are. Nicely written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Moment of Clarity
Reviewer: acciobook (Anonymous)
09/19/2005 09:16 pm
That was fantastic. If I didn't know it was a fanfic, I would easily believe it was an accual passage from the book. The characters were so true to the vision of them I get from JKR. I adore "missing moments" type stories.

Moment of Clarity
Reviewer: Desslok (Signed)
09/19/2005 09:38 am
Excellent story, as always. I think you've hit the nail on the head as far as Dean and Ginny go. I also think its a safe bet that Ginny figured out something was up with Harry long before the "celebration", as Harry (and Ron) have never been portrayed as subtle. As far as missing moments go, I still think there needs to be a bit more on how/when Harry started to look at her as more than a friend/little sister. We have the scent of the love potion as the first unconcious clue, and the scene in the hallway of course as his conscious realization. Still, seems to me something could be done with their summer together at the Burrow to foreshadow his feelings a bit. I've got some ideas on that front, but would love to see your take on it.

Author's Response: LOL, no, they've never been subtle, have they? Besides, and I don't mean to be sexist, but I think in general girls are more aware of these kinds of things. Harry getting hit with Bludgers because he's staring at Ginny would definitely be noticed! How often does he get hit with (un-cursed) Bludgers? The summer, huh? I'll see what I can do...

Moment of Clarity
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