Reviews For A Moment In Autumn

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Reviewer: u no poo (Anonymous)
05/15/2007 07:06 am
its amazing, i loved it

Reviewer: ladylarna (Signed)
04/15/2006 10:32 pm

Aww, this was dead adorable! So perfect for them all, really. Your James is perfectly lovely, and I am sort of in love with this piece.

Great idea; marvelous execution. Thanks for this!

Reviewer: Sumomo (Signed)
02/20/2006 07:51 pm
Oh my god! This is absolutely lovely, I adore it. You captured the moment so well. Great work it's beautiful

Reviewer: Aaran St Vines (Signed)
09/29/2005 03:45 pm
I am not a Marauder reader - it is too sad for me. This excellent piece - well conceived and written - is a fine missing moment that reminds me why I don't read Marauder tales - poginant to tears, almost. Can we go kill Peter now?

Reviewer: rdprice29 (Signed)
09/02/2005 02:15 pm
Oh, this is wonderful! I love Lily ambushing James with a pile of leaves…not once, but twice! And Sirius pelting the DE’s with dung bombs…ROFL…I can just imagine that’d be the sort of thing he’d do, LOL. Oh, and James is so evil for making Lily think he didn’t want to be with her anymore…even if only for a second! (and do I detect Padfoot skulking around in the background? *snicker*) And nice tie-in with Harry thinking he’d be better off alone…I like how James had the same feelings that Lily’d be safer without him, just as (Stupid!) Harry thinks Ginny’ll be safer without him in HBP. Of course, I realize you wrote this before HBP came out, but nice tie-in anyway. :) HAHAHAHA!!! Lily got them! I love it! And the teasing the Marauders gave James…perfect! Just how I imagine them interacting. This was beautiful! I'm so glad you've posted this here now, and I look forward to reading anything you might post in the future. Welcome to WizardTales!

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