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Reviewer: Snoring (Anonymous)
05/20/2007 09:08 pm
Please get a liife!

Chapter 1: Make A Wish
Reviewer: joslinRhae (Anonymous)
03/03/2007 08:27 pm
Oh my gosh, that was so funny and fluffly, I love it! It made me feel all warm...Awwww, that sounded really weird...How cute...

Chapter 1: Make A Wish
Reviewer: Cody DeDannan (Signed)
04/12/2006 12:49 am

Hello!  That is nicely written!  I think you have the characters down well, you seem to be good with characterization.  The only thing I might comment on is the scene-setting and narration.  It's a little matter of fact, I had a slight problem keeping focused on what was happening. 

 Romance is not normally my thing, but it was well-doen.  : ) 

Chapter 1: Make A Wish
Reviewer: Calamur (Signed)
03/21/2006 10:27 am
nice job man. i liked it :) cheers

Chapter 1: Make A Wish
Reviewer: Simple_Plan (Signed)
03/15/2006 05:33 pm
Oh, Sunil! That was amazing! I loved ohw you built up Harry's reaction to Ginny's initial *answer*... I thought she really meant it!!!!!! Amazing job with this, 10!

Chapter 1: Make A Wish
Reviewer: Letishia (Signed)
03/15/2006 04:44 pm
Aw!  So sweet!  I loved it!  I'm glad everything worked out.  Harry's Poem was hilarious.

Chapter 1: Make A Wish
Reviewer: Jessica (Signed)
02/22/2006 09:09 pm
I thought it was a good story...I liked how Harry had to fight with his mind and then went to her and did what he thought was was really good.

Chapter 1: Make A Wish
Reviewer: KeeriAnne (Anonymous)
12/28/2005 03:42 pm
That was the most beauitful stroy i have ever read i was bawling when ginny said no then i was so happy when she said yes i screamed. I loved it>

Chapter 1: Make A Wish
Reviewer: GryffinGal (Signed)
10/05/2005 08:04 pm
Awww that was so sweet! I especially liked when Ginny said 'no' and Harry thought she meant 'no, I won't marry you.' You put his reaction together quite nicely, and it is very well written!!! Great job!!!!

Chapter 1: Make A Wish
Reviewer: Dianne (Signed)
09/30/2005 06:27 pm
Oh Sunil! That was masterful! I truly loved Sarah's story and yours is the icing on that cake! I loved the description of the wild gardnes at Godric's Hollow! You sure have a way with words. I could almost see Harry unconsciously looking for Lily's in that garden for some reason. I guess because of Harry's mum's name. Maybe even some Petunias, after all, Lily could never hate as much as Petunia had and perhaps there had been some of them there at one time in the hopes of peace one day that never came...See? Good stories like this always set me to thinking. LOL about Harry thinking about the Bulldog! Good insert of humour there. The flow of your story is so natural and enjoyable. Ron casually coming in to finish Harry's tea that he was drinking and I was so very glad to see you write a 'smart' Ron. I grow tired of writers who keep him so dumb. You did Ron perfectly! He's a capable and caring individual who will still drink your tea in the morning...perfect! His psychology on Harry worked wonders and it was an enjoyable read as well. I could sense almost that Hermione was so very glad to get out of the day to day chase and go to the Burrow and it was perfect when you had her forget the birthday as concentrated as she becomes on any assignment, especially one of this magnitude! Ron is a dear for noticing she's all dressed up. I love how Harry leaves as if going off to battle, and in a sense, as it's Ginny he's going to see, he is. It was very suspenseful when she said no to the marriage proposal! I breathed a sigh of relief when she agreed! It is better to have them together for sure and I was glad you did that! Sunil my dear, you must enter a challenge! You would do awesome! I'm positive of it. You have real talent and your romance writing is to swoon over! Well done! I give it a ten!

Chapter 1: Make A Wish
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