Reviews For The Ring of Gold

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Reviewer: Crs (Anonymous)
05/31/2006 12:52 pm
You really should be thwacked. I'll tell Luna to do that. At several points I wanted to just damn this story and go read something else. :D

I waaaant answers ^_^ (but I'm not asking any questions, am I?)  *headdesk*

And I have a question :D Why aren't you using the proper format of the Romanian names? Țăruș, Ștefan, etc. :) Or is it too much bother to change them? I have the HTML codes for them ^_^ But I'm sure you can easily get them too :D

A Death in the Family
Reviewer: Crs (Anonymous)
05/31/2006 12:12 pm
Very nice chapter, even if it frustrates me to no end, this lack of answers. This all affair would be solved much quickly if people treated Ginny less like a puppet. "you must do that" "you must go there" "hide" "don't" "run" etc :D Of course, the fact that she's stubborn is not helping matters :D

Do you know how funny it sounds, "Tarus is waiting for you" ? In Romania, we don't call people by their last name, or if we do,  it's "Mr. Name" :D

Another good chapter :)

Into the Fire
Reviewer: Crs (Anonymous)
05/30/2006 12:06 pm
Nice story you got going here.

*pokes with a sharp stick*

That's because you made Romanians look dumb :D not that I don't agree, but still, national pride and all that *cough*


Bitterness and Betrayal
Reviewer: Lady of the Dragon (Signed)
05/23/2006 02:35 am
Lovely chapter, as always. I'm totally in love with Josef so if you turn him dark or some other such nonsense I'll kill you and then die miserable. And no squids in his future either, he's much too nice for that. I hope that's clear, lol.

Well, about the Veil. Let's see if I got it right: Harry was supposed to be some sort of offering to the thing inside the Veil that would then reward Grigore with immortality? Was this the reason he was so ready to jump in with Harry? Because he knew he'd get out? It was the thing that made the most sense, but I can't quite fit Ginny into the mix... Did Grigore need her for something? Is she part of whatever balance he was trying to bring into the world? Oh, new idea, maybe she was supposed to balance _his_ power once Harry was gone?? No... probably too far-fetched.

I also don't understand why the _thing_ in the Veil affects Harry the same way Voldemort did. Is Voldemort _inside_ the Veil? And that voice calling to him? Why was it familiar?? I really can't picture anything for that...

Well, Grigore is gone, but with the Arch breaking I suppose that thing is now free? If he's the one 'born from atrocity and boundless pain' I'd be more scared about him than about Grigore... Probably much less rational and easy to anticipate... And now they'll have to add the Death Eaters and the remaining Brotherhood to the mix... Ouch! I can't wait to see what will come out of that mess!!


ps: Lol, do you think Luna will be happy, now that I've finally reviewed here??

The Veil Chamber
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
05/19/2006 04:28 pm
Okay, since I have nothing to do at the moment, and I still feel horribly guilty for not reviewing this one from waaay back when (well, not too far), I might as well. You kinda surprised me here with Tarus being the leader, and such, but it's a nice kind of shock. I loved the beginning to this, and had been wondering when Ginny was going to get Harry's note. I loved how you wrote the Veil, too. I was wondering about this when I first read it, hehe. I really did love this chapter, and I'm sorry I never reviewed! *laughs* This popped into my head, and I thought, why not? Hehe. Yay for the Veil!

Behind the Veil
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
05/19/2006 04:12 pm

Yay for action! Hehe. The end of this made me want so much more. *snickers* Now, what was going through my head when I read this was: Why did Tarus give his life for Ginny's? I wonder what role she plays in this. And the poem, too, I'm curious about. I'm also curious about the barrier, and the other mysterious things, but they must just be yet another thing in this great plot you've created. I loved how you described the action in this, too... This is one of the very few stories that I can see everything playing through my head in detail, and I actually don't want to skip over the big paragraphs of it all for fear of missing something. (So yeah, you have a great writing style, if I haven't told you that already.) Anyway, *stops rambling*, I loved it!

The Veil Chamber
Reviewer: destin4fl (Anonymous)
05/19/2006 02:38 pm
awsome chapter!   but this can't be the end!!!   so much that needs to be explained!!! -jd

The Veil Chamber
Reviewer: Roxy (Signed)
05/19/2006 01:14 pm
Why do I have a feeling that Josef is not being a good guy either? Hm... Great chapters!! I'm so happy you updated! I like the action you write, it's so clear and understandable! It's great!! Can't wait for more, as usual!!

The Veil Chamber
Reviewer: Buttamellow (Signed)
05/17/2006 06:41 pm

Hey Kev,

Awesome chapter.  So sorry it took me so long.  The last month of school is horrid.  Amazing job!  


The Circular Study
Reviewer: LunaMoon224 (Signed)
05/16/2006 06:10 pm

Oh yes, I remember this one... The one you tricked me about. *snickers* Yay for French! Hehe. I loved how you did the Albert/Aleksey scene, too. That was a bit of a shock, but not too much, since there had to be more to him. I really loved this line:

However, Albert just smiled back at her. "And is that a lie?" he asked himself while stroking his chin. "What exactly would a lie be? A discrepancy with the truth?" he asked her. "The rub there is the idea of truth. In the end, truth is simply a perception of the world, no matter how many may share it. And perception is more opinion than fact."

Rather true. Hehe. You know, I think I'll go and bug Larna with that. *nod* Anyway. I loved how Albert/Aleksey's personality has changed some. It really shows how much different he is behind what he portrayed himself as to Ginny, earlier in the story. And I loved how you end your chapters, this one especially. It kind of ends on a serious/sad/calm note, and still keeps me wanting more! (Well, sorta... Even when I skim through it again.) Anyway, as you know, I loved it!!

The Circular Study
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