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Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 02:11 pm
Nice light chapter. Good work

A Much Needed Break
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 01:59 pm
Poor poor Harry. It's all I can say. Even though he'd hate it. Just want to give him a huge hug

Political Maneuvering
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 01:44 pm
I cried.....AGAIN!..... But Ginny's emotional rant during the massage was just so perfectly written, made me cry a bit. I must be such a loser! Oh well

Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 01:22 pm
Aaaaaargh!! Action stations here, eh?! Nice work. Can't wait to read the next chapter and find out how Harry is, and how he's going to be

End of an Era
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 01:11 pm
Good work. More tears at the'claustrophobia' scene. Hope to see Uncle Vernon getting his comeupance for nearlyv strangling Harry. Or at least some heart-wrenching sympathy and anger for him from Ginny, or Ron.

Money Changes Everything
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 12:59 pm
Good work. Dudley asking for romantic advice- hilarious :-)

Broken Wings
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 11:48 am
Good chapter. I thought that given the seriousness of the situation that Ginny and Ron couldve made more of a big deal outta the fact that Harry was having to do all those extra chores, though. Still- gooooooood chapter. Onto the next!

Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 11:36 am
Yaaaaaaay!!! There is a sequel!! I'm ecstatic! Cannot wait to devour this

Alone Again
Reviewer: Libby (Anonymous)
09/02/2006 05:15 pm
wow...i just finished reading both this one and the power of emotion. They were GREAT!! I loved them!!

Reviewer: hpgw2 (Anonymous)
08/12/2006 10:03 pm
Lovely story.  Nice work.  I enjoyed both greatly>

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