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Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/18/2006 04:16 pm
Good chapter, Glad she's ok. WHEN WILL HARRY OPEN UP ABOUT MALFOY MANOR? I'm beginning to think it's not ever going to happen. A little disappointing, if so, but hey- I can deal. And the story is otherwise fabulous

Quidditch, Anyone?
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/18/2006 03:59 pm
You wouldn't kill her, would you? Would you? DON'T!

Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 04:50 pm
Another good chapter! WHEN IS HE GOING TO OPEN UP???

Riddle...Tom Riddle
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 04:24 pm
Good work! Its a testament to your writing that even though I'm tired and a little bit ill, I'm putting off going to bed so that I can read more of this. WHEN WILL HARRY OPEN UP SOME MORE????

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 04:12 pm

No WAY???!!!!! HUH?

I was actually planning on going to bed once I'd finished thisa chapter but I'm going to have to read on now.

And WHEN will Harry open up????????? I was positive it was going to be in this chapter. 

Calm Before the Storm
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 03:47 pm
Very interesting! I am utterly intrigued! And I have realised that I've been reading this fanfic and it's precedor pretty much all afternoon. Since about 3oclock, now its quarter to 9! Oh I am such a geek! Though I have the flu, hence why my reading of this had been so intense this afternoon.

Feast of Fools
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 03:23 pm
Good chapter, yet again! Haven't read a bad one yet. Hope that Harry and Hermione pull Ron out of his inner-mess soon. Hope even more that Harry will open up properly soon and talk about stuff with Ginny, maybe even cry a little. If I were him, I don't think I'd stop crying ever.

Back Where We Belong
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 03:08 pm
Good chapter. I really enjoyed Harry's talking to Mrs Weasley. Are we ever going to see Harry open up and talk about Malfoy Manor, though?

Funeral for a Friend
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 02:51 pm
Oh good lord. Holy guacamole! I shouldn't say this but I'm glad it wasn't any other Weasley. Not that I wanted it to be Charlie, but...I'm just glad the rest are alive

Loss of a Brother
Reviewer: katie (Anonymous)
09/17/2006 02:27 pm
I know it wasn't meant to be funny, and in all seriousness it was a shocking and terrible thing to happen when you look at what was underlying it, BUT- couldnt help but laugh somewhat hysterically when Harry destroyed his birthday party. Ooooh and I like Harry when he's drunk, he's amusing beyond belief

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